Just found out I have PCOS....now what?

  1. My periods have been irregular (I only had 7 in the past year) so my gynecologist suggested I get an ultrasound of my ovaries to check for possible PCOS.

    Well I went today and yep I have it. I could see the black cysts that appear in "pearl necklace" like formation. The doctor said I don't have "classic" PCOS because I only have 2 of the 3 classic signs. 1. I have irregular periods (7 in 2007). 2. I have the cysts in my ovaries, but do not have 3. symptoms like excessive hair growth, acne, obesity, skin discoloration. I did not have any lab work to look for PCOS.

    The doctor suggested that 2 months before we TTC I should come back, go on clomid and within 6 cycles I would probably become pregnant. Is that the normal way to handle it??

    I am 33 and to this point have not tried to get pregnant. DH and I were talking about possibly trying this spring. I am not totally "on board" yet. So I told DH what the doctor said and he doesn't like the idea of taking medications to get pregnant. He suggested that I get an ovaluation detector and us just start TTC right away.

    Not sure how I feel about this...any advice on having PCOS and how it relates to your fertility and TTC???
  2. My understanding of PCOS is that ovualtion will not be detected with OPK's or fertility monitors?

    I am starting to consider Clomid as well. Maybe TTC until you get frustrated and then consider Clomid. The fact that you already know you have PCOS will help reduce your stress tremendously when TTC... if you don't get pregnant right away, you'll at least know why.
  3. Hi Virgo,
    Check out soulcysters and you'll have a wealth of information from many women who have PCOS.
    I had to go through IVF to conceive but there are many who don't have to and there are many miracle stories there to inspire you.
    It helps to cut back or eliminate sugars, white starch, etc as that will alleviate the insulin resistance which in turn will help one to lose weight even if you are thin. I read that surgery is not that effective and just managing this with diet and exercise is most effective. I'm also been on Metformin which has helped the regularity of my period.
    Find a good endocrinologist in your area. I went through three of them. Also, if you're not pregant within a year after TTC every week, I would see a fertility specialist.
  4. I agree with Tabbyco that you should TTC right away. So if you don't get PG by spring or whatever given time that you want to try, then you can decide if you want to go on Clomid. I think your dr. suggest using Clomid right away because lack of ovulation is the common fertility problem in women with PCOS, so I think she is trying to save you some time and frustration. OPKs and fertility monitor will not work because of the lack of ovulation. You shouldn't look at it like you are not taking medication to get pregnant; you are taking medication to stimulate ovulation, so you can get pregnant. It's not a negative thing.
  5. My friend has PCOS. She was having trouble conceiving and was diagnosed then put on Metformin (actually a med for diabetes) and she became pregnant the SAME month that she started the meds!!
    The drug's effect on insulin leveled out her hormones and made her ovulate regularly and she got preggers right away.
  6. i had pcos but i didnt know it until i had surgery for a dermoid cyst in my ovary. both of my ovaries are polycystic but i did not have excessive hair growth or skin discoloration. my ob scraped them off of my ovaries and after a year of ttc, i went on clomid. after my second cycle on clomid (you can only go on 3 cycles then have to be off of it for a while), i got pregnant. now my precious little one is now 6 years old =). clomid really helped us out to conceive.
  7. Would it be helpful if you and your husband went in to see the doctor together? It seems that your husband doesn't get PCOS (which is normal) so perhaps that would help. Or, you could get a book about it from the library and both read it. Good luck!
  8. its up to u...if u want to try naturally for awhile, go right ahead! theres no harm in TTC the old fashioned way, just know that it will be more difficult since u do not ovulate regularly. if u are pressed for time, since there is no prediction to when u will conceive, then consider the ovulation inducing meds. it takes a bit of the spontaneity out of it (timed intercourse around ovulation) and adds a risk of multiple gestation (somewhere around 5%, mostly twins) but i've been told there's no real risk of effects on a fetus. clomid just makes u ovulate by maturing ur "cysts". i'm in the same boat right now, deciding whether or not to take the clomid (also just dx with pcos). my only real concern is the multiple gestation! good luck deciding!