Just found out all Elisabeth stores are closing by March 2007 -- going web only.

  1. I was at the Elisabeth store in Plaza Frontenac (St Louis county) today and the SA who rang me up said that the whole chain is going to be shut down by the end of March next year. You can still buy the clothes at department stores and on the website (Elisabeth.com) but the stores themselves will no longer exist. This makes me very sad, as I always counted on this store, and the one in Tysons Corner VA, for nice well-made clothes in my size, especially when they had their great sales. I suppose it was inevitable, since the Liz Claiborne stores (boutiques, not the outlet stores) had closed down a few years back, but it still makes me sad. :crybaby:
  2. I"m not surprised, my guess is corporately the profit is greater when the individualized stores do not have to maintained.
  3. that's weird, my local posh shopping center just opened one!