Just found my Hook bag, but need opinions on the colour!

  1. I just found this amazing deal on the hook bag that I've wanted forever but need opinions on the colour:


    Does anyone have or seen an Amande coloured balenciaga before....

    The colour looks nice but I wanna be double sure before they ship out the bag!!!
  2. I think the color is really pretty. I love olive tones.
  3. My fingers are crossed it turns out nice IRL.....
  4. Origan is a beautiful colour. Zac said this first, but seriously if you take Oregano and pour it into a dish, you will see the colour of Origan. Green, but a yellow based olive green. It's very beautiful!

    I wsh you well,

  5. origan is great
  6. The colour is Amande not Origan
  7. ^^Its just a different name for the same colour. Bal colours always end up with 15486764346786154 different names.
  8. oh ok...thanks!
  9. Origan is amazing!