Just found a great alternative to Era face!

  1. I normally use Era Face foundation at $55.00 a pop for special occasions and I just tried Suzanne Somers spray on foundation from HSN this morning and they are basically the same IMO. And I have a can of each in my bathroom right now. Carmindy from What Not To Wear sometimes uses Era,and it gives great coverage,but I really wanted a less pricy alternative. I found it!:yahoo:
  2. I always wondered what that spray-on foundation was that Carmindy always uses. Is it as great as she says it is?
  3. Well,you do have to "buff" it if your skin is oily to keep it matte,but the lady at the Chanel counter once told me I had the most flawless skin she had ever seen-I was wearing the Era. You basically cover your hair and clothes to protect them and then spray the foundation on,blot,then buff and it stays pretty flawless and water resistant as long as you buff it every once in awhile(comparable to blotting regular foundation). I first became familiar with it when I went to Jillian Barberies personal website when she was on Good Day Live nationally and loved it,but the price was too much. Carmindy recommends it in the InStyle Fall 2006 issue,but The Suzanne stuff is much cheaper.:smile:
  4. Thank you for the info! I have dry skin, so it sounds like it would work well for me. How much was the Suzanne version?
  5. It was 29.80 plus shipping-you can read more reviews on the website-I can promise you I am not a Suzanne fan,I am totally not biased,LOL!(I only have this and the Facemaster):

    Suzanne Somers Spray-On Makeup Professional Foundation - HSN

    You can also buy a primer to use before,but I don't use anything more than I have to because my skin is sensitive-the nice thing is,what works for me may not for you,so they do guarantee it-you pay for shipping and can return it.:smile:
  6. ^Thanks! I wonder if it is sold anywhere else, HSN only ships within the states...
  7. Suzanne has her own personal website she sells from,i am not sure what it is,but it is probably something close to her name dot com? Maybe they would ship international?
  8. I just checked and they do ship to Canada! Thank you!
  9. Found it:


    However,I did not find any reference to shipping,so I do not know if they ship to you? It does seem like they have some deals though! LOL-I just saw you posted you found it.:shame:
  10. :lol: Yup, they ship to Canada and I decided to give it a try! Thanks again!
  11. My problem with Era was tat it stopped feeling comfortable on my face about 4-5 hours later. It just felt greasy and yucky really.

    I may try this one ou suggested!
  12. ERA & Suzannes are actually the exact same foundation. It's made by the same company. Once I found that out I ordered hers & love it. She also sells the primer.
  13. My remedy for that was to carry a puff like it came with in my purse,and then buff throughout the day. I found that kept it from feeling gross.:smile:
  14. Ha! I loved this stuff so much I signed up to sell this stuff about 5 minutes ago. I did some more research and found out she is going into an Avon style business so I joined,it launches in October. Diva2themax,it was actually your post that convinced me to,so thanks! :flowers: I have needed a job since my car accident and this may be perfect for me. I hope I have the ability to make it work!
  15. Does it just come off with cleanser & water or do you need a special cleanser?