Just found a BR code that works - 20% off one item: shopspring

  1. :yahoo:
  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I just got a bag I've been ogling... :smile:
  3. Sorry what is BR?
  4. banana republic
  5. Thank you!
  6. thanks
  7. It looks like you can stack codes there.

    SHOPSPRING = 20% off one item
    SPRINGNOW = 20% off one item
    WELCOME = free shipping

    Works on sale items, too.
  8. Wow, BR rocks! My order shipped the following day and came super fast (even though I used a free shipping code). I love both my tops, too. :tup:

    I ordered late in the evening on Jan. 8th, it shipped on the 9th, and arrived the 11th!
  9. Thanks for the code, I was able to get Hubby a sweater I've been eyeing for him:tup:
  10. Damn UPS, my order from last Sunday should have been delivered yesterday but wasn't. I checked the tracking and it says the package was left at the UPS facility and delivery will be rescheduled. It stinks they don't deliver on Saturday! Oh, and on top of all that, I didn't have the codes until after the order was placed.
  11. can't stack shopspring and springnow, but thanks for the code.
  12. you can stack all three codes. even though the discount doesn't show up with the sale price and then the discount price, it'll show up with the regular price and the after-code price. i just ordered a pair of pants and a shirt. on top of that, i was told at gap that i couldn't use my gap gift card at old navy or BR, but i just tried it at BR online and it worked!

    i love that i can return to the store within 30 days. much better sales return policy than j.crew!
  13. Amandabug, how did you get the 3 codes to work? It will only take one of the 20% off codes plus the free shipping. I've tried both 20% off, so I know they are both still active, but it won't let me stack. Thanks.
  14. ^ I just put them in one at a time. I remembered what my sales prices were before I redeemed the codes, and the prices that showed up on the right were 20% off each item.
  15. ^OK sorry to be dense, but did you get 20% off twice (I know it's not exactly equal to 40%, but somewhere like 36%), then the free ship - or 20% and a free ship? Thanks!