Just for the record-Paypal will...

  1. adjust a dispute to a different claim.

    I had filed a claim against a seller for INR. Bought and paid 9/11 and nothing including communication (I sent several emails asking for information) until INR filed 9/26. Seller sends some excuse about Dad in hospital and he sold me the bag-blah blah blah. I got the bag 9/29. Opened it and it has brown/yellow gunk on the FRONT left side of it-not near mint description as listed perfect exterior. I start to panic a little as I do not want to keep bag and seller been so nonresponsive-knowing from reading posts recently here you cannot have two claims on the same item. How am I going to handle this if they refuse to accept return?? The original dispute was still open-hadn't closed because didn't have bag until this...I sent the following email to Paypal and low and behold look at what happened!!! Anyway - seller sent email of return address after I refused to send to MJ to be cleaned (ridiculous for me to do that when I waited excessively for the bag the first time and why would I send a near mint bag off to be refurbished for 6-8 weeks?) - they can do that and resell it...refund allegedly upon receipt of bag...

    You can have the claim changed!!! So please anyone who has gone through this similarly - notify Paypal and they will adjust the claim from INR to SNAD upon receipt!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    message type:
    internal webform
    customer subject:
    Didn't get- Now got it and it is not as described-want to return
    customer message:
    Additional Information: 'PP-###-###-###

    >Took forever to get this bag and then FINALLY got it and it is not in
    near mint condition it has dirtying on the outside front of the
    bag...very unhappy and want to return item...concerned with dealoing
    with this seller as they have been lousy from the start-I sent email
    stating wanted to return but how do I get my $$ back if they don't
    respond??? I do not want this item it has glue or something brown on the
    front left side which doesn't put it in the near mint category-thanks'

    Dear Heather xxxxxxxx,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your concerns. I am
    happy to assist you further.

    From researching your account history, I can see that your issue has
    been resolved as I have refiled your claim as Not as Described claim
    PP-xxxxxxxxxxx. We are continually improving our customer service to
    accommodate members' needs and can be contacted via secure webform at

    It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal.

    Protection Services Department
    PayPal, an eBay Company
  2. Well that is good to know.
  3. That is good info to know for any fellow bag addicts or for anything else purchased on eBay. Thanks:tup:
  4. That is good to know, as they were no help to me before and wouldn't change it.

    Just a few questions....Had it been escalated to a claim? And Had the dispute been closed?

  5. The original INR I escalated immediately upon creating it as there had not been ANY communication from the seller. The dispute I had not closed because I hadn't received he bag. Got the bag - opened it - saw the staining - contacted the seller wanting to send right back for refund and also sent the note to Paypal right after that to see what could be done...:okay: It is still open but now as a SNAD until I get my refund...
  6. Hmmmm they wouln't let me.....This is what they directed me to when I tried to change mine. It is the paypal user agreement and it states in section 3 that you can't change the dispute once it is opened.

    Maybe they are catching one to a lot of selling scammers...they can easily rip people off with the way it is.

    13.7 Claims Procedures. If you escalate a Dispute into a Claim, we will gather information from you and the seller and determine eligibility for reimbursement under the Buyer Protection Programs. Here are some important things to remember about the Claim process:
    1. If a buyer files a Claim asserting receipt of a Significantly Not as Described item, we will generally require the buyer to return the item to the seller at the buyer's expense and to provide proof of return delivery. If the item is over $250.00 USD or equivalent, online signature confirmation must also accompany the proof of delivery. In some circumstances, we may require the buyer to send the item to us or to a third party specified by us, to obtain documentation from a qualified third party substantiating the Claim, or to provide evidence that the item has been destroyed. In some instances, we may ask a buyer to support a Claim by filing and supplying a copy of a police report.
    2. If a buyer initiates a Dispute/Claim and the amount in Dispute is greater than $100, PayPal will place the disputed amount (to the extent it remains in the seller's Account) on hold until the Dispute/Claim is resolved, and the seller will not be able to withdraw this amount while the Dispute/ Claim remains unresolved.
    3. Other than adding information you may not edit or change a Claim after filing it.
    4. We may ask a buyer to identify the minimum refund that would be acceptable to settle the Claim. If you specify a refund amount that is less than the amount of the original transaction, and the seller agrees to refund the amount you specified, PayPal will consider the Claim to be successfully resolved.
    5. After we close a Claim in favor of a buyer, a seller may appeal our decision on the Claim; however, PayPal generally will only grant the appeal if the seller is able to prove that the buyer sent the item back to the seller in a condition significantly different than when the Claim was filed (other than normal wear from shipping). PayPal does not guarantee recovery of money from a buyer for a seller if a seller wins an appeal.
  7. That's great news! It's a trap people could have easily fallen into!

    Though the other thing that paypal could do is re-open closed claims. I wonder why they dont let you.
  8. i am sooo lost. whats SNAD and INR? :wacko::wacko:
  9. SNAD=significantly not as described
    INR=item not received
  10. Thanks for the info, this is great to know! Sorry you had to find out about this the way you did though!
  11. Thanks for sharing!
  12. I am not sure if they made the claim change because the seller had responded to the original claim already and the rep who responded to my email actually checked the history and noticed the item had just been received so she indicated that the first claim appeared resolved?? I don't know ~ but happy she did it!