Just for piece of mind.....

  1. Can you guys take a look at this. Cherry Blossom Cles?

    John 5 gave me his expert opinion just before the auction ended. I felt pretty good about it too so I went for it.

    It has been "loved" quite a bit but I wanted to jump on it because of the price.

    I thought a last minute bidding war would occur but no one bid against me. So I won. But now i'm wondering why no one tried to outbid me.

    Its almost midnight here. Is that why? Is everyone asleep?

    Please take a look at this cles and tell me what you think. I don't think i will be able to sleep until I get someone else's confirmation....just for piece of mind.

    eBay: LOUIS VUITTON CHERRY BLOSSOM KEY COIN PURSE POCHETTE ! (item 130026373883 end time Sep-18-06 21:45:14 PDT)
  2. Looks real to me, but it also looks very used. How much did they sell for?
  3. Don't worry it beautiful...congrats..

  4. Yeah, I know :shame: . The patina is dark but not dirty. Just a deep honey.

    its ok with me. Its a discontinued item. I never thought I could get one for this price. Very good deal IMO.

  5. Oh thanks Khoi. You just made me smile. :smile:

    Thanks to you John 5 too. :yes:

  6. Yes you are right. congrats....so are you planning on buying a Cherry Blossom bag to match this beautiful cles??
  7. I agree, it's not dirty, just very patina-ed

    I think sometimes you get lucky with eBay when you have no bidding wars, consider yourself lucky & enjoy it :yes:
  8. :biggrin:

    You're welcome... I'm glad I could help. Have fun at LV tomorrow!!! I hope to see ya there!!! :lol:
  9. Thanks everone. I guess I can go to bed in peace now. LOL:P

  10. hmmm. Would be nice wouldnt it? :lol:
  11. *Clears throat*

    I thought we were going to LV tomorrow together. :s