Just for laughs - Ever had a closet bursting out?

  1. Dear ladies (and gentlemen),

    while working from home today, I realized that I needed a little retail therapy. However, I'm also feeling guilty about buying new things so soon after my recent vacation. So I decided to clear out some items from my closet as well as rearrange my purses.

    To my shock, while tugging at some tightly packed clutches, one entire shelf of purses came tumbling down on my head. I was literally 'bag punched.' Being a good loving mother to my purses, I had stored my purses in their respective protective bags.

    Problem being, most of the cloth bags are NOT made of see through material. I had literally forgotten about a classic Burberry bowling satchel, a Michael Kors Skorpios shopper, and like 10 other Banana Republic purses! Worse still, I found some vintage clutches stashed away in a Marc Jacobs Stam!!

    Determined to recover my 'forgotten' items, I decided to rummage through my wadrobe. Now, I'm very organized and have a habit of creating piles. So jackets go in one corner, skirts, blouses etc. To my shock, I found nearly 50 unworn/forgotten items including 10 pairs of designer denim.

    Plus, I also found nearly 50 tops that I could give away. This is somewhat surprising to me since I just made a trip to Goodwill before leaving for vacation.

    I also counted nearly 30 items of various unworn clothing and accessories that were given by friends and family. That includes some beautiful handmade leather purses, a gorgeous 'in the stores right now' suede jacket from Max and Co, and do I dare say it...even more vintage purses.

    DH came home early and froze at the sight of ALL my clothes. Then he walked away!

    How did I accumulate so much stuff? One reason being, I always keep the gifts that I received even if I hated them.

    I'm still sorting out my items but it does look like a long night for me. I still have various storage chests to go through. I know that I had to do something since there isn't even space to store my new Prada and Longchamp purses and they are nylon pieces!

    Has anything similar happen to you? I'm sure that most of us have our own horror closet stories!

  2. haha not that that extent! i wish that many things fell from my closet!! but htat has happened to me i find pieces of clothing ive been looking for but never found!
  3. I admit I've "run into" bags I've forgotten I had, but not nearly to the amount of yours! It must feel like winning the lotto!
  4. Yip! Lol!
  5. ^great, I guess I'll do a clear out this weekend, I've got so many clothes I never wear. Good luck sorting through it all!
  6. I don't think my closet is nearly as large as lindpaddy but I feel stressful too when my closet overflows and loose item all over the bedroom. I also feel guilty spending so much money on clothes and purses and end up wasting them. :sweatdrop: To clean out my closet space, I try to donate my old clothes and bags twice a year to salvation army. What company do you use to donate your old clothes?
  7. I know this will sound extremely clutsy but while cleaning up my closet I backed up right into the door jam and broke my "backside". For three months I was in pain but really so embarrassed that I damaged my backside like that. So now I always turn around before I leave my closet. I hope you are OK (your head that is).
  8. I never forget about purses, but I'm always finding old shoes that are still cute. My shoe boxes are stacked at the top of my closet, so they're always falling on top of me!
  9. A couple of years ago I had an entire wall of closet system (rails and shelving) pop its anchors out of the wall (an eerie squeaking noise) and dump an embarrassing amount of stuff onto the floor. And no, it was not bad installation, it was just a massive overload. I always love the photos they show of 8 items hanging on four feet of rail with a hat and a sweater on the shelf.

    It didn't cure me of owning way too much stuff but now I respect the limits of the shelving!
  10. I call that activity "shopping in my closet", but for you it's JACKPOT! I hope you get to use the stuff you have forgetten about. It may hold off the temptation for retail therapy for... a week? :sweatdrop:

    I would love to see your whole collection!
  11. oh my gosh this was so funny to read! i've had my shoe shelf fall down which wasn't too bad. however.. while cleaning out my mom's (much larger) closet, we were organizing everything on hangers, and the whole pole fell down!!!! it was terrrrible! all that organizing just to watch it collapse, lol.

    i wish when my shoe shelf fell there were also amounts of forgotten clothing & bags, but i haven't been that lucky, LOL. thanks for the story though, it was fun to read & pretend it was me! lol :smile:
  12. I bought shoe racks, like the sale racks from the store. But part of them collapsed last week and I need to reconstruct them. My husband is always griping about the fact that I give to Goodwill and then before you know it, the closet is bursting at the seams again.
  13. I know that feeling, linpaddy. Just after Christmas I took a load of unwanted clothes to the Oxfam shop. I was feeling very pleased with myself. And then today I noticed a gathering bundle of MORE unwanted clothes upstairs. They filled two sacks. I have decided that I will never again impluse buy clothes at sales. I am now working on a 'capsule wardrobe'. I also have too many bags, but no way can I part with THEM!
  15. Haha I have had a closet collapse too! Our closet is pretty packed (you all are inspiring me to do a major clean-out this weekend!). A few months ago I heard a crash so I rushed into the bedroom - the whole pole and the bracket that held the shelf above it had pulled out of the wall and fallen! My very first thought? "OMG are my bags okay?!" They were all lined up in their dust bags and a couple of plastic bins on the shelf, and the whole shelf had collapsed against the sliding doors, so I was worried my bags had been crushed. Once we pulled everything out it turned out my bags were fine, but that was sure a pain to redo everything!

    Jackpot for you on some of the stuff you found!