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  1. I'm Chanel!---yayy
  2. I'm Dior! Even though i dont own anything from Dior...except for a lipstick...lol
  3. I'm Dior!
  4. i am dior, but i am not into dior (except their makeup)!
  5. oh my gosh! I'm Louis Vuitton!!!
  6. DIOR, but I never knew this. I would have said Chloe.
  7. I'm a Dior- but all the choices seemed similar to me.
  8. Dior is what I got as mine.
  9. Dior
    You are a cute chick! you are always changing from girly, classy, fun, sexy, and cute! Your style is also unique and hott! Dior is perfect for you

    (It must be broken. I am so obviously Louis Vuitton!)
  10. I got Dior
  11. Ha, I got Louis Vuitton! lol!
  12. i'm a Dior
  13. I got Louis Vuitton!
  14. Chanel! YAY! I like that answer!