Just for fun, what's on your LUST list?? pics preferred

  1. I love pictures so if you can...post them! If not it's cool too!

    I just thought it would be fun to post what's on your current LUST/WISH list!

    Here's mine:
    [​IMG]Jade Cotton Carly Demi
    [​IMG]Brown Cotton Barett Sneakers
    [​IMG]Denim Cotton Wristlet (Macy's only)
    [​IMG]White Charlee Sunglasses

    YUM! Can't wait til I get them...:heart:
  2. the legacy nylon messenger I want it as my fall semester school bag and I WILL get it lol

  3. Pretty items! Where do you get those pix? From the website?
  4. You asked for it:
  5. Continued:

  6. Continued:
  7. [​IMG] I want the pink and the pear sacrf.
    [​IMG]Charlees in Black.

    [​IMG]Large Agenda
    [​IMG]Gisella sandals I so want.
    [​IMG]going on vacation next month. I want this to put my passport in.
  8. my my my ms Indigowaters...how about we all pool our money and just buy u your own coach boutique lmao...everyone's things are beautiful...so lets keep our fingers crossed and hope we get everything we want :yes:
  9. Wow Indigowaters I love your LUST LIST!! You make me want to add on more to mine! hahaha
  10. indigowaters, i love your wish list! i also want that watermelon charm and the frangrance print scarf and that pink flower coin purse. good taste! (:
  11. Great thread!

    continued...continued....continued...TOO funny!!

    The only thing here I actually really need are the sunglasses. I lose sunglasses all the time and I have none right now!

    I like neutrals...



  12. my small wishlist:

  13. Well... I'm really wanting a red/burgundy bag - but Coach doesn't have anything out right now that has caught my eye...

    So this is pretty much it right now:

    [​IMG] Large Soho Hobo in Silver/Mahogany

    And possibly an undecided small wallet.... ;)
  14. :blush: Lol, and I thought some people's lists were going to be longer than mine. And I didn't even post the different colors of things I wanted. :shrugs: