just for fun... vote!

  1. What is your favorite SPEEDY of all time????
  2. MC speedy 30
  3. All of them! lol!
  4. i love the denim and azur.
  5. White MC Speedy :heart: with lots of pinks,purples, and golds!
  6. White MC Fringe Speedy
  7. mc speedy 30
  8. Epi Speedy 25.
  9. mirior!
  10. Silver Graffiti speedy;)
  11. Damier! (cause it's mine lol)
    But I like the Mini Lin and Epi too...argh, can't just choose 1!
  12. Miroir.
    Don't ask me to choose a color though because I love them both :love:
  13. Graffiti Speedy in silver.
  14. monogram canvas:p but once i get the mc speedy in black...that will be my fav:shame:
  15. cerises! mine is my baby!