Just for fun: The LV Starter Pack!

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  1. The topic about "entry level LVs" and the basic bags got me thinking;

    What are the basic (and by "basic", I mean staples, rather than cheap )bags and accesssories that every LV lover or starter should have. within say, a $1500-$2000 total figure.

    (of course they'd never do it, but it would be fun to plan one)

    So here's what I'd pick:

    1. monogram speedy 30*
    2. epi or vernis cles (cos there's only like $5 difference)
    3. damier ebene or azur koala wallet
    3. mono/damier pochette accessoires
    4. damier koala

    (*perhaps an upgrade option to lockit or something??)

    what would you put in?

  2. i think you have it all there in your list.

    i started with a cles, then a speecy, a wallet, and a pochette.
    id maybe put a scarf or piece of jewellery on the list too.

    then i suppose the next level up is an agenda and an epi or MC bag.
  3. This is fun! I'll make my list not having read yours first ^_^

    First pick the material you want, basic picks would be monogram, damier or epi I think.

    • KEEPALL 50 or 55
    • Speedy 25- 35 (girls only)
    • Koala wallet or similar
    • Agenda MM cover
    • Agenda pen argent or dorée
    • Pochette accessoires
    • A handsfree bag, either messenger or sholder bag style, Noé maybe or an abbesses, depending on use and personal opinion.
    • Sunnies. ;)
  4. So fun! I would pick the following all in monogram since it's a starter pack and just around the $1500 mark:

    Speedy 25 or 30



    French Purse or Pochette Wallet

    Agenda PM
  5. Definately a
    Zippy wallet

    I think thats about 2500-3000 or so
  6. for me it would be:

    a) Speedy (whatever size or line)/Neverfull/Batignolles Horizontal
    b) Eugenie wallet (because it has EVERYTHING: ID window, bill compartment, coin compartment and 12 credit card slots)
    c) Cles/Key-holder
    d) Carryall
    e) Agenda MM
  7. This is my list

    1) Speedy
    2) Shoulder bag/Tote(ie. Batignolles, Noe)
    3) Pochette accesories
    4) Wallet
    5) Key holder/Cles
  8. 1. Speedy in either mono or damier
    2. Pochette Accessories
    3. Any Key Cles
    4. BH cause you need a shoulder bag too~ ;)
  9. I think the staples are

    1) Speedy
    2) Vernis Cles ( I went with Vernis because it contrasts nicely to mono & damier)
    3) Monogram Shawl
    4) Keepall or Carryall
  10. Mine is
    1. Azur Speedy 30
    2. Sweetflower & MC Bandeau
    3. MC Porte Tresor
    4. Mini Pochette
    5. MC Trouville
    I just pick up whatever I like...not really an order.
  11. i would say the following:

    zippy wallet - love it!
    denim of some sort - baggy gm is my pick
    epi alma

    and that's it!
  12. Totally have a speedy! Need a wallet tho! xD
  13. Speedy and wallet!
  14. Speedy- 25/30
    PTI- or similar
    pochette accessoires
    key and change holder
    shoulder bag- BH, noe
  15. keepall
    pochette accsories