Just for Fun:- The LV Fairy Tale

  1. I'm bored so I thought for fun we could write the LV fairy tale. Here's the "rules" the story should follow a Fairy tale path (you can also involve Disney stories/characters & Tpfer's) that's it.

    Keep the story going guys.

    Once Upon a time in a far off land a Young girl named Cinderellla looked up at the night sky and wished upon a star for a silver miroir papillon.

    "Oh why can't I have a silver miroir paillon" Exclaimed Cinderella...........
  2. ......She looked up at the sky longingly for a bit, still wishing away, yet.... nothing.

    She stared walking away to a beautiful lake at the edge of the forest where she usually likes to collect her thoughts.

    She knelt down by the lakes edge admiring the beautiful night thinking about her beloved Silver Papillion that she so wished to own and love...

    Suddenly, this starbust crackling in the sky startled her and brought her to her feet and her eyes towards the sky...

    This commotion paralyzed her in awe and out of the blue....

    *your turn guys, keep it going, but don't end it too soon!*

    Awesome idea Claire xoxo :heart:
  3. ... john 5 appeared and produced 54 million pictures of the silver pap to make her long for the silver pap even more...
  4. "oh no" Cinderella wailed "that's make me want it even more oh what is a girl to do"

    John5 said "It's OK Cinder's one day your dream will come true & I'll authenticate for you"

    With that John5 was gone leaving nothing but a ;) smillie behind.......
  5. so off cinders went to starbucks with her laptop and began the trawl of eBay, she would have that silver pap, whatever it took.
  6. upon arriving at starbucks and setting up her laptop Cinders was ment with much frustration for some strange reason she could not acess eBay "oh no it would seem as if some magical power is blocking eBay (sorry couldn't resist) I know I shall go and see............."
  7. Then "miraculously", on Ebay cinderella spots an auction for a silver papillion brand new with tags for 200 gold coins, by ebay seller *wickedstepmother*, she was delighted, and said wow "what a beauty" and for only $200 gold coins, but where oh where can I get 200 gold coins.
  8. OT but claire you are too evil. iv spent the last hour trying to work out his password
  9. hehehe sorry......back to story..

    "I know I'll go and see Snow White maybe I can get a Job in the mines, I know she needs a little help since the drawfs went on strike" off Cinderella heads to Snow White cottage in the woods........
  10. unfortunately the seven dwarves were PHH and did not want to fund her bag.
    but luckily snow white had connections with tink, a wonderful member of the sunshine commitee granting wishes for dreamers like cinders.
  11. And then tink appears....

    She tells Cindy, "I wish I had a silver pap for you, but all I have right now is a boat load of barbie purses!"
  12. Tink then gives Cinderella a map of the new Louis Vuitton store up above the mountains..and here is where the adventure starts..
  13. First, she has to climb the beanstalk. She is carefully to avoid all the thorns.
  14. Then on her way to the top she finds a boy called LMM


    who is sad because he has no luggage so Cinderella offers him the map to the mother ship and tell's him to follow the yellow bridge road...
  15. along the way she finds cherry pie hunting for old epi colours and they follow the yellow bridge all of the way to the mothership