Just for fun - steel/plomb City RH

  1. She's gone back to the store today (NM Palo Alto, which doesn't generally carry Balenciaga, so she may be headed up to SF now.) Nonetheless, I thought everyone might enjoy pictures of the Plomb/Steel I got in my hunt for Anthracite earlier this week, so I snapped a few before taking her in. Two different sets of lighting.


  2. That second picture almost makes it look metallic - definitely doesn't look silver IRL.
  3. See, if the color looked like the second pic I would get that bag in a heartbeat!!
  4. Me too! The first one is pretty true to color. If it were the second, believe me, not only would it not have gone back to the store, but it would be permanently attached to me. :yes:
  5. I'm sorry the plomb didn't work out for you...are you planning on getting something else in another color?
  6. I have another possibly-anthracite City on its way here from Saks Boca. Hopefully that one will really be anthracite and will have some greeny/tealy tones in it, which is what I really want.

    I am also now obsessing about magenta, especially reading that there might still be some of the LEs with regular hardware available...
  7. There's definitely a niche for a bag that's more the first color - a soft black. It reminds of Anthracite, with its undertones and its slightly metallic look. I really like gray/soft black, and my anthracite sometimes looks like that - but with more blue. The green in my AnthraCity is harder to see, but it's definitely there. Outdoors, though, the AnthraCity definitely looks more blue.

    That second picture is closer to how I pictured Steel - it's disappointing that Steel is so much like Anthracite. A really elegant silvery-gray like the second picture does seem to be The Bomb - I'd wear that with nearly everything, and it would really pop like a bright color next to black.

    Sigh. They just keep us hanging on, wanting more colors - but no other quality bags seem to take color this seriously. That second bag would be great for a girl who likes silver jewelry (despite the RH) if only it looked like the second pic! All the other pics I've seen make it look black, unless there's an actual black next to it.

    BTW, the Black City I bought from Barney's BH and then returned late last Winter actually looked soft black, very veiny, sparkly and almost metallic - not the rich dark black of 04 or 05. I really liked it, but because it was such a soft black, I find that Anthracite works in the same way - but is so wonderfully chengeable and blue, it's really more versatile.

  8. Yes, I just ordered a LE Magenta with RH on Friday and got a call from BalNY yesterday to confirm :tup:
  9. I was debating betwen a plomb and antracite City, ended up I bought a antracity. I still love the plomb city, but probably will save the money for this coming Fall collection of pre-2008/2008 bags.
  10. Too bad it didn't work out for you. The leather looks amazing!!!!
  11. This is what I want! Maybe soon.