JUST FOR FUN: name that LV

  1. Here's a game for fun.
    seeing as we all love LV can you name that bag from a small pic?? The Ultimate teaser thread.

    What do you win.......absolutely nothing but glory:graucho:

    One guess per post please

  2. ermm?? The join in the centre of the Stephen?
  3. must be the POPINCOURT!!! (horizontal?)......

    Edit: LONG! :biggrin:
  4. erm...so hard, is it a Lockit ??
  5. one of you is actually really close here's another pics I need the full name for the winner

  6. Popincourt long?
  7. Yay Congrats GerGirl (CEC very close)


    New Bag (sorry fuzzy pic) ​

  8. damier speedy
  9. ^ nope
  10. damier ribera?
  11. Damier Alma?
  12. Damier Sporty? :shrugs:
  13. damier alma?
  14. Damier Saleya
  15. Ok GERGIRL so far :queen: of LV


    New Bag ​