Just for fun,If you where a CL shoe...

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  1. which would you be?...not sure it there has been a thread like this before..tried searching.

    As much as I would love to be the Glitter NP because they are glitzy and glamorous,I believe I am more of a Cataribbon Espadrille wedge: easy going,natural with a lil sparkle:lol:

  2. Purple Rolando - high maintenance, doesn't like getting wet, lots of attitude but can always make you smile ;)

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  3. [​IMG]
    except in nude.

    I know it's a color combo that doesn't exist for this shoe, but that's just who I am!

    I like the peep toe on the minibout because it doesn't show too much, but it's still flirty with that little bit of red showing through.

    I like the nude because it's natural.
  4. I had always hoped I would find a magical minibout in nude. I thought that would have been a beautiful combination! Good choice!
  5. Python Simples - duh! :nuts: Why? Because the style of the shoe is an understated classic, but the python skin makes it stand out. Kind of like me and my style ;)

  6. Wine patent rolando!!!!
  7. the turqouise-y teal anemone!!!


    sexy yet fun too!
  8. I'd be a greasepaint simple- I'm simple, understated, but once you get up close, you'll see that there is more to me than meets the eye.

    (Picture borrowed from Jellybebe)

  9. I would be Pharaone because

    1. I am originally a Pharaoh (Egyptian)
    2. Royalty needs a good support system (Slaves, Straps, Platform) - LOL
    3. Gold is my currency of preference
    4. I like to stick out from the crowd and look different.

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  10. During the week I would be a Black kid leather Very Prive with Red Tip- at first glance just a classic peep toe shoe, but on closer inspection its completely hot, very chic and has refined lines. But on the weekends I'm more like a Blue suede rolando-a complete standout!:P
  11. These...simple, yet elegant with a little flash!:graucho:

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  12. I would be the black/white anemone
    because its FIEEEEEEEEERCE :graucho::yahoo:
  13. Cute... :amuse:
  14. Thanks XNPLO! :shame: