Just for Fun........If you were an LV????

  1. If you were an LV what would you be and why?

    I think I'd be a SO Jewellery Mini Trunk (like the suhali one on the website but I don't have to be Suhali) because I'd get to wear fab bling all day
  2. Hmm tricky, tricky... I'd probably be a Multicolore Shirley in Blanc, small but with presence~! (I hope so at least! >=P )
  3. Tambour 18 Fizz........ i would be an eye opener haha or maybe a little bandeau so i could fly in the wind care free lol
  4. Hmm... good one!

    I'd be a black Suhali L'Extravagant. :drool:
  5. oh gosh hard one let me think a bit and i'll be back
  6. if any of you would be a carnet de bal can you tell me where you would hide I can't seem to find mine LOL
  7. ^^ hahahahaha
    in a pocket of a jacket you don't use often
  8. I would be a white le fabuleux...if i can't have one, i might as well be one.
  9. i'll be the millionaires....so i can see what other ppl see!
  10. I'm my Mahina... overpowering, a little obnoxious, extravagant, expensive... but all in a classy way. ;)
  11. I would be a monogram speedy ... that way I will never be discontinued, people would still buy me years from now and most actually would take me wherever they go ... and I might actually get to see the world ... hmmm ...
  12. I would like to be an MC Ursula (just the name sound soooo Goddessish)..or a denim cabby in FUSCHIA! (I hope they'll produce it in that color).. just because I love the color and the style. It can be classy & casual at the same time...
  13. lol...

    I would be a special order Wardrobe Trunk....
    very desired and coveted....only travelling in style via private jet!!
  14. i would love to be lv277 tambour forever automatic chronograph. as i have a craving for diamonds and watches
  15. I'd be a silver Le Fab because it's my most wanted (but will never get) bag at the moment!