Just for fun::How much can a 30 birkin hold??? =)

  1. Hi, everybody

    I have been sick for a while so i kinda restrained myself from posting until things get better. However, I do notice that we've got a few new members joining in :nuts: . A warm welcome to u all !!!! :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Anyway, the other day, i was getting ready to go back to school, sorting out notebooks, laptop and stuff. Then i said to myself, this is awful that i have to bring a backpack and my birkin to school. I would look utterly stupid with that backpack :evil:

    Then it daunt on me that maybe i could fit ALL of them in my birkin !!!!! So i took stuff out from my backpack one by one and started putting them in the bag, and amazingly they FITTTTTTT:nuts: :nuts:

    Of course, i cannot bring the whole package, like power supply, mouse and etc, but all the essentials are there believe it or not. :biggrin:

    See for urself, hoohooo

    -laptop: sony vaio X505
    -bj agenda/notebook
    -BV mirror

    I am pretty sure there is still room for my sunglasses :biggrin: :nuts:
    Anyway, the whole thing together including the bag is about 5~6pounds. Quite heavy but managable. :lol:
  2. oooops, forgot to upload pics :lol: :lol:
    DSC02163.jpg DSC02169.jpg DSC02171.jpg DSC02155.jpg
  3. Wow, it can fit a lot :nuts:
  4. woo it's amazing.. u even fitted a laptop in!! anyway Love your bi-color birkin
  5. HermesBB, I hope you're getting better!

    Thanks for this fun thread & the photos! :smile:
  6. Wow, thanks for the helpful photos! I am also thinking about getting the same bag in 35 cm (see thread which I started today), but now seeing how roomy the 30 cm is, I think 30 cm is my size...
  7. Wow! Thanks for posting that. The pics with all the labels were really helpful. I've never seen a 30 next to a 35 & assumed I'd want the 35. Now after seeing that I think the 30 might be plenty big enough, especially seeing I'd want it as my everyday bag.
    Get better soon!:smile:
  8. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I didn't expect the 30cm to fit so much including a laptop.

    I hope you feel better soon.
  9. wow~ hermes is just perfect for everyday ... so tempting! my justification is school use! teeehehe.
  10. Wow brilliant...I love your bag!!! and it fits an enourmous amount without looking bulky.

    (I would really worry about the sunscreen lid popping open though....but I think it's a screw top? )
  11. Wow, that's a lot of stuff! Thanks for posting this. It confirms that I definitely want a 30 rather than a 35.
  12. HermesBB,

    Get well soon! You are so adorable! :P I thought I was the only one who stuck my Vaio in my 30 cm birkin! Maybe I should post pics of mine too!
  13. hermesbb, thanks so much. especially for the pictures. i've been going back and forth re. a 28 or 32 kelly, but if a 30 birkin can hold that much, a 28 kelly ought to work perfectly as just a purse (no laptop or sunscreen, etc.). :smile: don't you think?

    and feel better! i'm sick too.
  14. Love the bag...love the thread...love the avatar...love you too! :smile:
  15. That's a 30??? Wow!

    Very cute things inside your bag too. I like your "secret pouch." :smile: