just for fun: How many hours do you spend in purse forum?

  1. Hi. I realized I've been in purse forum for 4-5 hours a day! :yes: How about you guys?
  2. geez, i don't even wanna think about that number girl!!!...just take a look at how many posts i've had in the last 2 months since i joined & you'll see what i mean (lol!!!) :roflmfao:

    p.s. my PF addiction is almost as bad as my b-bag addiction!!!
  3. Just Joined, I sure am loving the company of fellow addicts.
  4. I may not post much, but I lurk on this forum for hours everyday. I don't have a life!!:huh:
  5. I have no life so I'm practically on tPF 24/7. Gosh I sound like a loser huh? :roflmfao:
  6. well, its summer so i'm on a lot, during the last semester i didnt have much time, could only spend an hour on or so everyday. But now... my comp is on all day and i always have a PF window up, even if i'm on a different site, or not on the computer at all... its always on.
  7. if i'm by my laptop, i pretty much have PF up all the time, or i check in pretty frequently. i'm too scared to actually quantify the hours... yikes!!
  8. Ditto! I'm on a lot more, especially now that school's out!:smile:
  9. i have 4 computers at my house. the computers are on all the time when i'm at home, except when i'm sleeping. i even have wireless connection, in case i'm in a room that doesn't have a computer or if i'm outside in the pool area. i check my email and the forum all the time throughout the day... some days more than others. my husband can't say much cause he's on a military forum and home theater forum. :Push:
  10. haha..I knew it! Gosh! my back and neck hurts so much from surfing the net and reading most posts from balenciaga,LV and fendi forums
  11. Ditto! I am definitely spending alot more time on here now that school is out!:biggrin::flowers:
  12. Me too! :lol: Lately my addiction to this forum (and especially the B-bag section) is almost as bad as my bag addiction!
  13. I am on way tooo much!!! My computer is on since 10 in the morning until I go to sleep which is like 12 or 1. But on tpf is like a lot, much of my time in the net is here!
  14. oh God... i spend so many hours in here that if i get paid 5$/hour i can buy a new bag every week ha ha ha... this is the first site i open when i woke up, my bf was laughing at me because i'm so busy gossiping with you ladies. luckily he only knows the celebrity sections, and not the other bags section...
    at least this site is reducing my addiction of browsing ebay.
  15. umm, i spend most of my day on here... what a loser!! ha ha... if im not on here then i'm thinking about it!!!! i'm sure my life never use to be like this!!! I LOVE PF and i LOVE b-bags!!! woo hoo!!!!