Just for fun: Handbags of Horrorrrrrrr!

  1. LOL! That's funny!
  2. AAAAHHHH!!!!:nuts: even the DH liked that. THANKS for that.
  3. Hilarious, thanks for sharing!
  4. :lol:Loved it!
  5. That was really funny! Thanks!
  6. :roflmfao: Thankyou for the giggles!
  7. Thanks, needed a laugh!
  8. That was funny and disturbing at the same time. Makes me wonder if I have any 'horror' bags in my own closet.

    Hmmm.......well, there is that hobo I bought in 1987 made from a sweatshirt...:nuts: No dirty looks, please. It was the '80's! I owned more neon than Times Square back then.
  9. Thank you! That was very funny!
  10. I loved the Terminator one, it was perfect!
  11. Tooo Funny!!! I can't believe how much those bags looked like their horror counterparts. Goes to show....Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.
  12. Sorry to say...I do like the IF patchwork Hobo, but I also liked the knit bags 2 seasons ago. Bright colors are my signature. I add them to black to stand out. What some find to be hideous, I find artsy and bold and gorgeous. And what others find fabulous, weeeeellllll, I just find it pretty lame and dull and boring and copycatish.:shrugs:
  13. LOL! Oh man that was funny! My little brother started laughing so hard!
  14. lol Thats really funny!