Just for fun, build your 'perfect' collection

  1. Ok, my recent post got me thinking...I try and aim for a well rounded collection. Different colors, lines...some large, some small..but as we all have asked (I think) when will I ever be satisified?

    So for fun, I propose a game....build you perfect collection, for right now this moment in time. You have been given a gift certificate for 15 pieces. They must be from the 2006 or 2007 line (as the gift certificate is from LV). After you pick your new pieces, give us a quick inventory of what you have, so we can see what your 'perfect' collection looks like.

    Still working on mine ;)

    Post should look like this:

    My gift certificate:

    My collection: Manhattan GM, Cabas Alto....etc
  2. My gift certificate:
    1. mono speedy 30
    2. damier azur pochette
    3. multicolor priscilla
    4. mono pochette wallet
    5. Small vernis agenda
    6. Baggy pm
    7. Black epi alma
    8. Suhali the small round one in blue
    9. White mc wapity
    10. Salaya mm
    11. Perle bedford

    Have: mono speedy 25, damier speedy 30, mono pochette,BH.

    i'm really happy because i realized i don't need 15!
  3. I've always been a mono girl and tried to get all the mono "staple" bags. If I had a GC I would try to bring some balance to my collection and would stick with the "mainstream" bags. The bags I have are: Mono: Petite Bucket, Pochette Accessories, Musette Tango, Mini Looping, Vavin PM, Papillon 26, Speedy 25, BH, CC Holder, Wallet with Zip. In Damier I have a Speedy 25 and I have a Pomme D'amour cles. Here's my list:

    1. Damier Koala Wallet
    2. Damier Belem
    3. Damier Saleya
    4. Mono Cabbas Piano
    5. Vernis Houston in Pomme D’amour
    6. French Wallet in Pomme D’amour
    7. Heart Change purse in Pomme D’amour
    8. Mini Lin Speedy 25
    9. Mini Lin Speedy Cles
    10. MC Heart Change Purse
    11. Baggy PM
    12. Denim Pleaty
    13. Damier Azur Cles
    14. Damier Azur Speedy 25
    15. Mandarin Jasmine Epi OR Bedford in Pearle
  4. My gift certificate:
    1. Cruise Denim Mini Pleaty Customize
    2. Miroir Keepall in Silver
    3. MC Keepall in White
    4. MC Bum Bag
    5. Tambour Forever in Pink
    6. Le Fab in Black
    7. Le Fab in White
    8. Le Tal in White
    9. Manhattan GM
    10. Roxbury Drive in Pomme d'Amour
    11. Coeur in Pomme d'Amour
    12. Santa Barbara Sandal in Gold
    13. Mono Hat Box
    14. MC Hat Box
    15. Suhali PTI in Black

    My Collection: (I won't list them all but, one from each line I own)
    Mono: Sophie
    MC: Speedy
    Vernis: Reade PM in Framboise
    Onatah Suede: Onatah GM in Cocoa
    Damier: Speedy 25
    Suhali: Le Tal in Black
    Perforated: Speedy in Fuchsia
    Miroir: Speedy in Silver
    Charms: Pochette in Taupe
    Panda: Pochette
    Cerises: Sac Plat
    Trompe L'Oeil: Pochette
    Cruise 2006: Trapeze PM
    Cruise 2002: McKenna Shine Bag
    Robert Wilson: Reade MM in Orange
    Mono Groom: Cles in Yellow
    LTD: Suede Theda PM

    Sub Categories:
    Shoes: MC Wedges
    Fancy Jewelry: Sweet Earrings
    Key Ring: MC Pastilles
    Scarves: MC Bandana
    Books: Icons
    VIP Gift: Travel Set
  5. 1- MC wapity in white
    2- MC wapity in black
    3- Agenda in white MC
    4- Vernis Bedford in Framboise
    5- Pomme d'Amour heart change purse
    6- Pomme d'Amour Billfold
    7- White MC PTI
    8- Denim Sac Plat
    9- Denim Baggy PM
    10- Black MC Lodge PM
    11- Fuschia Perfo Pochette
    12- Mono Pegase 70
    13- Mono Keepall 50 w/strap
    14- Mono Pochette Belt
    15- Pomme d'amour key and change holder

    I am sure this might all change once i am actually in the store and see everything! I get indecisive. :biggrin:
  6. Oh, this is fun!
    1.) Mini Lin Speedy in Dune
    2.) Mini Lin Noe in Ebene
    3.) Epi Speedy 30 in Noir
    4.) Nomade Speedy 30 in Caramel
    5.) Monogram Satin Ammonière
    6.) Suhali Lockit GM in Sienne
    7.) Suhali L'Ingénieux PM in white
    8.) Monogram Vernis belt in Pomme d'Amour
    9.) Portefeuille Koala in Pomme d'Amour
    10.) Monogram Vernis Roxbury Drive in Pomme d'Amour
    11.) Pochette Cancun Mini Lin in Ebene
    I'll definitely be buying the Mini Lin Noe and Pochette Cancun in Ebene and the Speedy in Dune.
    Someday I'll buy the Epi Speedy and maybe the Lockit GM. And the rest....well, a girl can dream!
  7. my gift certificate :

    1. Black tobago carryall
    2. Men grey rabbit fur scarf
    3. stripped denim (cruise) pouch
    4. Canelle epi agenda (MM)
    5. Snowflackes pins
    6. Fleur de monograme men bracelet
    7. Cuir embosse stephen (for my mom)
    8. Damier Azur keepall
    9. New spring Men collection kangaroo leather tote
    10. Blue tobago shoe bag
    11. Damier azur cle
    12. Geometric V blue and silver neckplace
    13. Monogram groom zippy organiser
    14. Panda keychain
    15. Denim flat pouch

    Currently own :

    1. Damier Naviglio
    2. Jack & Lucie keychain
    3. Damier cle
    4. Vernis pearl cle

  8. luckily...i already had a wishlist printed out....or is that sadly cause its gonna be a long long time before i get a lot of them. anywayss...

    1.Manhattan GM
    2. Damier Ribera MM
    3. Damier Speedy 30
    4. Damier Speedy 25
    5. Damier Azur Speedy 25
    6. Damier Azur Pochette
    7. Damier Pochette
    8. Mini Lin Speedy
    9. Multicolore Speedy WHITE
    10. Denim Neo Speedy BLUE
    11. Le Fabulux WHITE
    12. Multicolore Shirley WHITE
    13. Monogram Speedy 25
    14. Monogram ZIppy wallet or Organizer
    15. Either a Keepall or the Carryall
  9. my currently own is listed below
  10. See below. And if my gift certificate can also be used to buy things I'm currently unable to procure, I would add the silver and gold Miroir pochettes as well.

    I might also add a tote or two for work, but not sure which bags they would be.
  11. Gift Card....
    1. Damier Speedy 25
    2. Mono BH
    3. Mono popincourt haut
    4. Epi speedy 25 Mandarin
    5. Vernis Cles, new red :heart:
    6. Mc Aurelia GM Black
    7. Black Le Fab
    8. Suhali Lockit PM Sienne
    9. Mono wapity
    10. Baggy Gm green
    11. Denim noe speedy pink
    12. Mono speedy 35
    13. Groom Zipper pochette wallet
    14. Damier Azur Speedy 30
    15. Multicolore Pastilles Key Holder

    My collection
    Mc alma blk, Mc speedy white, denim speedy blue, denim baggy pm blue, Mono petite noe, Mono ellipse, Mono speedy 25, Small Mc agenda black, Mc Mono pti, mono cles, blk pochette, blk mc mini, white Carnet de Bal, blk mc
    Porte-Monnaie Plat

    I think i have everything
  12. My gift certificate:
    1. Damier Duomo
    2. Patchwork speedy in grey
    3. Dentelle speedy silver
    4. Dentelle speedy gold
    5. Black MC Trouville
    6. Black Epi speedy 25
    7. Popincourt Haut
    8. Suhali Black Lockit PM
    9. Black Le Tal
    10. Vernis Heart
    11. Dentelle Pochette
    12. Black MC pochette
    13. Mini lin Ebene speedy 30
    14. Pastilles keychain (new red one)
    15. Damier Azur speedy 25

    Oh man....only 15? LOL

    What I have:
    Black MC: lodge Pm, Speedy
    Mono: BV, Speedy 30
    Groom: Cles, Ronde, bandeau
    Cherry Blossom: All 3 pochettes
    Panda: pochette, cles
    Graffiti: All 3 pochettes
    Cerises: Speedy, cles, pochette
    Mini Lin: Cles
    Damier: Speedy 30, papillon 30
    Epi: New red speedy 25

    I *think* that is all I have currently...I might have missed one or two.
  13. oh! and i forgot about mirroir! i would add a gold mirroir alma or speedy instead of something else. sigh.... daydreaming makes me sad!
  14. Hmm...I hope 15 is enough to make my collection "perfect" in my eyes:roflmfao:

    1. Le Tal Blue
    2. Le Tal White
    3. L'Aimable Black
    4. Mono Deauville
    5. Mono Speedy 25
    6. Pampilles keychain (the new pastilles)
    7. Flat Pouch in framboise
    8. Pomme D'Amour Inclusion
    9. Pomme D'Amour Heart coin purse
    10. Tobago Carryall in blue
    11. Baggy PM in green
    12. LVOE Tote in Khaki
    13. Quilted Frame Purse
    14. Gold Miroir Pap
    15. Any one of the Fleurs Precieuses tambours :nuts:

    Some things I have....
    MC Alma, pochettes, trouville, keepall
    Brown & MC pastilles
    Azur mini pochette
    black, beige, clear, framboise, pink, yellow Inclusions
    Mono papillon, bucket, tikal pm
    Trompe pochette
    Vernis bedford, houston, reade pm
    Gold theda GM
    Ambre cabas PM
    Denim baggy PM, pleaty, neo speedy
    Suhali plum le tal, black le fab
    Tambour bijou noire, tambour lovely pink
  15. 1 - damier saleya pm
    2 - white le fab
    3 - batignolles horizontal
    4 - white mc wapity
    5 - transparent inclusion bracelet
    6 - framboise inclusion speedy keychain
    7 - pomme d'amour coin purse
    8 - white mc trouville
    9 - red epi passy
    10 - monogram speedy 30
    11 - perle vernis houston
    12 - white mc or pomme d' amour PTI wallet
    13 - denim speedy
    14 - monogram cabas piano
    15 - damier speedy 25