Just for fun! Barbie's Birkins!

  1. I have been meaning to show you ladies for awhile these 'birkins' I had made for Barbie...my friend gave me a few more for my birthday, so I thought I should finally take a pic!

  2. Goodness, these are beyond cute! :heart:
  3. OMG! These are sooooo cute! You should put them into production!
  4. One more pic, babs wanted in on the action ;)

  5. These are the cutest little bags ever
  6. So cute! M, you have the Barbie collection any little girl would kill for!
  7. OMG, can't wait to show these to Rose Jr when she wakes up!!! She is going to want some.......really super cute!
  8. :shame: Thanks, I have just a 'few' ;)
  9. OMG! And she has Louboutin shoes too!
  10. Well, of course....what else would you wear with your Chanel suit? ;)
  11. OMG - Barbie is one lucky chica!

    I hope you had a special black croc with "diamonds" Birkin made for her!
  12. Barbie has EVERYTHING! I am so jealous of her! WAHHH!!!

    Sooo cute, Twinkle! Love it!
  13. OMG tink you are so fantastic! luv them! hey where is the green chicken birkin lol? you should get a fake croc belt for $19.99 and make a croc one....cutest barbie stuff i've ever seen!
  14. I LOVE this!!! The shoes are the best. Post more photos, please!
  15. OMG Asa, you have Barbie in your avatar :smile:

    Here is my thread about my friends birthday gift to me...40 bags for barbie! http://forum.purseblog.com/general-discussion/40-bags-barbie-she-got-everything-hermes-lv-187174.html

    And here is an old thread with my barbie houses, yes, :shame: houses! http://forum.purseblog.com/general-discussion/my-other-world-my-doll-house-s-129002.html

    I would love to see some of your barbies!!