Just find it funny.

  1. This seller has been trying to sell this bag for months. First, he/she started with $1350 with BIN $1400, and then he/she lowered the price($50 off)...still no one buys it. Finally, he/she set it at $1200 with no BIN...and guess what? Now two people are bidding for it and the price is almost $4000.

  2. woah :shocked: I bet the two bidders in this bidding war had no idea~
  3. That bag is dry, though.
  4. Yeah, look at all the cracks! =O Maybe the bidders like that weatherbeaten look?
  5. Yikes!

    Too beat up for me...vintage or not. That seller is happy.
  6. No kidding! Awful shape!!
  7. lol.......:lol:
  8. Hope these are not deadbeat bidders. I've had a few zero feedback buyers that did that. I now have Paypal account required to bid, that saves me a few headaches.
  9. The bag is a wreck IMO. I looked at it when he first had it up for sale but made a wide path around it....and I LIKE vintage!

    Hermeslady....very wise! There was a vintage Box Kelly for sale and the seller is in the UK. I was actually going to bid and eMailed with many questions first. Well I wound up NOT bidding and the winner was a zero feedback buyer who has not paid up. I just got an eMail from the seller wanting to know if I'm still interested. Big NO now that I've spent all my disposible income but I feel really bad for him. It's really bad when this kind of thing happens....
  10. Of course they are. This is a bad joke for this seller and I think that someone is being mean. Either that or shill bids. Nothing will come of this auction. It will be back on the block or seller will pull it altogether:sad:
  11. I saw this awhile back. Yes, I hope these aren't deadbeat bidders. The bag is in terrible shape though.
  12. I get very wary about zero feedback bidders ... I once had a bidder with zero feedback who bidded on my Fendi purse. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt so I emailed her and tried to confirm to see if she was serious about it. I basically told her that if I don't hear back from her in 24 hours, I'll cancel her bids. She never replied and yet I still decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. The bidder ended up being a non-paying one.

    After that, I ALWAYS email any zero feedback bidders as well as foreign bidders when they bid. I would clarify my sales terms and such and give them 24 hours to respond. Whoever that doesn't respond I'll cancel the bids. Never had a problem after that, since the people who bidded again (after their bids were cancelled) always turned out to be paying bidders, they just didn't respond to me in time.:yes:
  13. somebody lotion that bag.:cry: ..please!
    at any rate it is in it's 11th hour, so I do hope it finds a nice home, and a paying bidder.
  14. Yeah, that bag needs lotion. Heck, I feel dry up just looking at it:lol: . With some care, that bag will look totally stunning and classic.
  15. It looks pretty bad to me, I certainly wouldn't pay that amount for it...I don't even know if Hermès can fix it, it looks really cracked....
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