Just felt Sick

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  1. I have been feeling really sick today after watching Sky news this morning, I do not know if anyone saw it.

    I have always known people in China on the whole do not have a lot of regard for animals but what I saw this morning was just so awful

    A reporter has been travelling around China seeing how they treat their animals in the Zoos and wildlife parks, In the parks they had all these coaches filled with the Chinese people, young children of 3-4 years was also their, the coaches made a circle in the Tiger enclosure, the Tigers was in the middle then a truck came in open the back up and the end tip up out fell a Live Cow to which the Tigers pounced on and eat, it took 10 minutes for that cow to die. Then Ducks were released and the Chinese in the coaches had bought live chickens which they gave the Tigers through the windows. All the time the Chinese are laughing and clapping. This happens twice a day. They also showed the Zoos where the animals are keep in tiny cages and they have gone mad.
    I have never in my life seen such cruelty as this I feel the human race is so disgusting at times.

    Sorry about the rant, but cannot believe in this day and age this goes on. It so needs to be stopped
  2. Sometimes there is not much difference, and it is digusting when humans act like animals themselves.

    "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" ~Ghandi
  3. Oh god I probably shouldn't have read this thread because things like this make me sick and so angry.

    I truly don't understand the human race. So many people are fascinated by watching others suffer. It really is a sick world.
  4. That is so sick.
    All nations have problems when it comes to cruelty to animals, however some countries clearly do not believe there is anything wrong with it.
    China is notoriously cruel when it come to animals and basically thumbs its nose at the world when questioned. They recently slaughtered hundreds of thousands of dogs due to a rabies scare. They were actually clubbing the dogs to death in the streets & sometimes in front of their owners.
  5. The reporter said they are about 100 years behind the western world in regards to animal rights.

    What really upsets me as well is this country has been given the rights to host the Olympic games next year, you would think that a country that treats animals, and i know some of their people would not be allowed to host such an advent.

    SilverSea I am sorry this upset you but just had to tell people what is happening in China. I had the news on and this come on and I thought "whats this about" I should not have seen it I think these images will always be with me

  6. ITA it is so awful:tdown:
  7. **But I appreciate Saich2 for posting this and making me aware of this issue...awareness is half the battle.
  8. Tiny cages are horrible. You'd think all zoological institutions would catch up with the latest improvements in captive enclosures. That is why the Assoc. of Zoos and Aquariums exist. If the zoo is not accredited with AZA, don't go!
    As for feeding live animals to predators, it is the best thing for them (fresh meat, and hunting stimulus - what do you think goes on in the wild?) HOWEVER to allow the public to take part in a feeding frenzy like that is so inappropriate and disrespectful, treating it like entertainment as opposed to education is disgusting.
    If anyone would like to know more about AZA and accredited zoos/aquariums, visit:
  9. The live part bothers me more than the cattle part. They couldn't just throw slabs of meat?
  10. ^Yeah me too...I think that they could be more humane about it...can you imagine the terror that the poor cattle went through?!?!
  12. OMG- so sickening!! There is definately something wrong in the head of people who cheer at animal cruelty!!!! This is so sad.
  14. Live food is whats best for animals but they catch the food in wide open spaces. The food is not droped from a van and has no hope of escape. The whole practice is barbaric.
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