Just Feeling Low.. Buyer returning the item..

  1. hi everyone..

    yeah.. as the title says, buyer with 2 feedback is returning Juicy Couture Hoodie I sold last week because the size is a bit too small for her boobs.
    of course, i stated clearly that the size is medium and even sent her the size chart from Juicy Couture. on my terms & conditions, it is clearly says 'all sales are final'.
    but my buyer's response to this is:

    'To be honest, your 'All Sales are Final' is a bit misleading. To me that means that when you have press Buy It Now or won the bid you have an obligation to pay for the item NOT you cannot return any unsuitable item which is really what you should state. I am new to eBay and this is putting me off shopping on here.

    i first offered her 10% off on her future purchases and issued £5 refund right away as a good gesture, but she wasn't happy about it and i just gave in and asked her to return the item (it will be returned back to me by tomorrow).

    i have over 500+ feedback (100% positive) on eBay and i know she will probably leave me a negative feedback on eBay anyway (i can kind of tell from her rude emails..) and feeling really low at the moment....

    thanks everyone for listening.. this probably isn't one of the most interesting story, but i just had to let it out..

    bwt, she didn't pay with paypal, but Google Checkout with her credit card. I know Google won't do chargeback on this (because I stated clearly that the size is medium and also it was stated that 'All Sales Are Final'), but i wanted no more drama that could eventually going on and on..

    now, i just hope that the my juicy hoodie is in the same condition with all the tags on and she didn't stretched it too much though..
  2. That's a bummer :sad: You're being nicer than I think I would be. To me "all sales final" means all sales are final - you buy it, you keep it! That's a risk with buying on eBay. I certainly have bought plenty of items that did not end up fitting properly. My loss, that's it!
  3. ppl these days are (im sorry) but lame i mean why buy bid on something or buy it if your uncertain about the purchase and all sales are final is not misleading at all... she should have been more understanding and just kept the hoodie she could have given it to some1 that she knew.... i know that if i wasnt happy with something from ebay i would just keep it and give it to some1 else.... you should neg her for not understanding english lol
  4. I'm sorry you are having to go through this. I have had a few bad selling experiences where I have had to lose money to make a buyer happy. If you have already decided to take your item back I would just be sugary sweet in all your emails and maybe even let her know how much you value your 100% + feedback and would truly appreciate a positive comment when you work through the problem. It certainly isn't your fault it didn't fit! It's one part of ebay that is not fair, that a good buyer is held hostage by feedback. If you state 'no returns' in your auction description you should be able to stand by this and not worry about ramifications.
  6. just vent vent vent! get those frustrations out. i know how it can be to go through crap like this. like you said 500 positive feedbacks. dont let this biotch ruin your pride!
  7. Awww, I'm sorry this happened! You are nice--I would have said, "I'm sorry; as you know, ebay is for individuals who want to sell things online. I am not a store and can't do refunds. I'd suggest you sell the top on ebay, as I cannot accept a return."

    She probably would have fought it, but you never know. I once sold a top to someone who said it didn't fit, and refused a return. That was about 5 years ago, though, before people were so crazy there!!

  8. :wtf: misleading??? I bet she doesn't know what she's talking about! It's buyer's remorse, not misleading by seller.
  9. That's really too bad. Everyone knows Juicy runs small! Like the OP, I'm usually too nice on eBay trying to maintain my positive feedback. Hopefully you can sell it to someone who really wants it rather than someone who just wants to try it on!
  10. Ugh, I totally agree that EVERYONE knows that Juicy runs way too small. Sorry you went through this, I hope the next time it sells for even more money!
  11. How frustrating! As sellers we are completely at the whim of buyers, who seem free to do what they want! Aaarrgh!!
  12. I think that you are being overly generous. Obviously, the buyer has remorse and doesn't want to pay for it. Also, she had the dimensions/size chart of the jacket so it was up to her to determined whether it fit or not. Seriously, how hard is it to understand "All Sales are final"? She's an id**t! If I were you, I wouldn't have refunded her money. :nogood:
  13. Don't worry, I once had a woman return a Balenciaga shoulder to me, saying she doubted authenticity, with the LVR tags still attached. I was really bummed, because I'd already spent the sales money.

    I don't understand why people treat EBay sellers the way they treat brick and mortar stores. We are just normal people, not professionals, trying to be fair and honest. Some EBay buyers should just stick to stores where they can try on, examine and later return. Grrrr.
  14. thanks guys.. you don't know, but all of your comments are really helpful.. emotionally.. just knowing that there are people actually understands my feeling..
    i have been on eBay since 2001 (i keep my buyer's account separately, so this one with 100% 500+ feedback is my seller account) and i can't believe that i am about to receive a neg for this non-sense.. even after i tried my best to make her happy all the way through.. i haven't even received any neutral feedback so far.. it's more than upsetting, i feel extremely low at the moment.. sometimes, people can be quite difficult to deal with..
    i will be listing very expensive items on ebay soon and i know her neg won't do me any good.. anyway, i will let you guys know soon whether my juicy hoodie is still in one piece or not once i receive them...

    in case she's just an another scammer, i will be video recording the receipt of my package from signing the paper to opening and checking the content inside - i know, it sounds a bit hysteric, but it won't hurt and it could save me in case things go wrong..

    as long as my hoodie is in perfect condition, i will be happy to give her a full refund (including the shipping), so that i can just move on and relist the item.

    thanks again for all of your nice comments and kind words (trust me, hearing calling her names like idiot, biotch.. sounds quite soothing! :smile:
  15. sorry this happen to you...hope it will get resolve quickly..:yes::tup: