just feeling blue...

  1. hey gals, woke up feeling quite down today .... huge knot deep inside my tummy and feeling bleh. I don't know if it's feeling particularly bad because it's sept 11. (i didn't get physically hurt, wasn't at the site when it happened but I lost some colleagues from other departments)

    I'm not feeling any better about my current situation and I keep on wanting to find ways and reasons to get out but I don't dare to take the risk and get out. :sad: I tell myself I can get through this but sometimes it seems too long and i feel like i'm wasting my time and money.

    Lots of other problems and issues related to my situation that i'm dealing with as well.... insurance, apartment etc.

    Just wanted to get some hugs and vent about it ... :push: sorry for being a depressed grouch :p

    thanks for hearing me out
  2. [​IMG]
    come get some sugar from the shoo...
  3. Hang in there! Hope things look up for ya! :heart:
  4. ooops. let me try this again....
  5. as I was saying....laughter is the best medicine....(hope the photo shows up this time!)

  6. [​IMG]

    Hope you feel better, Bubbles!

  7. I hope things improve for you! I'm not sure what all is going on, but hang in there. The fact that you can talk about it shows you have amazing strength. :flowers:
  8. We're here with the hugs and love, bubbles. You know we all care so much about you and hope your situation improves. Best wishes and good luck!:heart:
  9. That smiley is awesome! Where did you find it??

    I hope you feel better! When you do get through these hard times, you'll be a lot stronger! Hugs!!!
  10. Sorry you feel yucky.....

    Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Thanks for your hugs and beautiful flowers gals!

    Shooo, give me suuuuugaaaaar..... Heh you're a riot.... i think that inn you're directing me to will create MORE problems.... LOL

    Boxermom, thanks for your love and support as always *big hugs* I hope you're doing well =)

    Rothjess, you;re a sweetie, you give me too much credit. talking is the easy part... i wish i could do something about it... =P
  12. just woke up... feeling bad and grouchy and super tense again... urgh.
  13. Bubbles, can you get some fresh air, exercise and sun...maybe shake away the blues?

    I hope you're feeling better soon.

    Lots of hugs and smiles to you :smile:
  14. i was sad yesterday too because of 9/11...its so sad, even 6 years later!!
    why are you grouchy?

  15. Sorry to hear, hang in there! :flowers: