Just engaged? Are you planning to carry "something-LV" on your wedding day? Have you?

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  1. Hello out there! As I'm planning for my wedding next April, I'm entertaining the idea of getting "something-LV" to have that day. At first I thought I was just trying to make up excuses to get more LV stuff! lol. I'm not insane, am I?

    Anyways, was wondering if any other brides (and even grooms) to be are going to be doing something like that? Or even, those that HAVE done that on their wedding day? If so, what did you carry, or even wear that day? Pictures would be awesome too!! :biggrin:
  2. Jewelry is an option (although on my budget not realistic :sad:)...or shoes, if there is anything suitable? I'd certainly be tempted by some Valentino shoes if I was a bride, although I don't know if LV shoes tend to be more casual.
  3. Yea jewelry is nice if it's within your budget. Maybe a light colored shawl?
  4. If I got married I don't know if I would carry anything LV. Only perhaps if it was Epi cream colored or an LE.
  5. Some of the fine jewellery necklaces are GORGEOUS (the really expensive ones...that I can't afford, LOL)
  6. I would get some LV for the honeymoon trip :graucho:
  7. Hmm I dunno about getting something obviously LV for the day, it seems a bit tacky to me, but if there was a small piece of jewellery or something discreet it could be nice to have. I don't know if they'd do suitable shoes perhaps that aren't, you know, brand-name obvious or anything..?

    Instead of buying an LV for the wedding I'd personally prefer to get luggage for the honeymoon - LV is built upon luggage, and it'd be a really classic and classy way to make your travels more special and to always have those pieces to remind you afterwards. What about matching Mon Monogram Keepalls or some other luggage piece with your newly matching initials? :biggrin:
  8. I wouldn't carry anything LV on my wedding day; a little over the top for me. But as others have said, it would be perfect for the honeymoon.
  9. I'd get a special LV bag or luggage for the honeymoon, but wouldn't carry/wear LV at the wedding.
  10. I think doing something subtle will be fine! We are renewing our vows in a few weeks and I bought the Sofia Coppola clutch in gold lambskin to use. My dress is a champagne color. I think whatever you want to do that day is fine! It is your day afterall!!

    Congrats on your engagement!
  11. haha! good idea! im contemplating getting a palermo GM , for travelling :smile:
  12. Maybe a shawl? That seems like a good one...
  13. I'm getting married on New Year's Eve and have cotemplated getting something small (ie Milla) in Damier Azur. I have a Speedy 35 in Ebene and a mono small agenda. I think something dainty and white will be cute and I can wear it on my honeymoon and in the spring/summer.
  14. Wonderful ideas everyone! thanks! i am actually really loving the idea of luggage for the honeymoon, but am also thinkin of some sorta cute clutch for the day of hehe. i never thought of a shawl with a wedding dress? Thats definetly a statement maker! Awesome!