just dont know

  1. [​IMG]i was wondering: is there a hobo style bag with that << size C's ( or maybe a bit bigger ) white with dark C's?
  2. Er, well I don't think that ones real at all.

    There were these though:


  3. Like the C's on that tote bag you found ^^. were there ever hobo style bags made with something like that?[​IMG] <<that style hobo i mean.
    and i am so sorry, i can never get the pictures where they go.
  4. Sprinkles: no no i didnt think that bag was real, i was just looking for any picture to show the size of C's i was talking about :smile::sweatdrop:
  5. That type of signature didn't come on those bags but the ergo collection has jumbo c's on it, you can only find it in 9 stores in the US right now though.
  6. ok, i didnt think so. But since i just became addicted last christmas i'm not always sure what there may have been in the past. So when i see something alittle odd, i always wonder if its a fake. So i think i saw a fake. Thanks.
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