Just discovered a great munchie...

  1. wow.that looks cool!
  2. I think they sell it on Amazon.
  3. Yup they sell at Amazon-you can order by the case! :yes:
  4. That's a really cool idea! :tup:

    I've tried making sushi at home a few times from scratch, and it was such a pain!
  5. going to have to look for this
  6. I bought one of those the other day, added some crab sticks, cream cheese and toasted sesame seeds. Pretty good for a quick sushi fix!
  7. thanks for the post! this looks like a good idea! is it as good as homemade? or just good for a sushi fix
  8. I think this is a ripoff. You can buy microwave rice and nori for much cheaper at Asian markets.
  9. That's pretty cool. I'll have to look for it.
  10. Yummy, looks very quick and easy.
  11. That looks interesting! Maybe this way I'll finally try sushi again LOL.
  12. Really...cheaper than $2.68:confused1:
    I love the convenience of this packaging....just enough!
  13. I'm going to have to look for this!
  14. I bought a case of this from Amazon and it arrived yesterday. I immediately made them and they are so yummy!! I am hooked!! Lol!! :drool: