Just decide for me already

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  1. #1 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    What should I get? I know I am old enough to make my own decisions LOL but after looking at so many reveals everything catches my eye. I was thinking of the Thames, but then a lot of you do not like it so it gets me thinking.... The galliera seems to be the most or one of the most popular bags on th forum.

    I know I most likelly want mono, but I like damier too. So what should I get? I like..

    The galliera pm, thames gm, tivoli gm, hampstead or is there something else you can reccomend ? I will tally up the reponses and hopefully I will come to a decisions.

    Vote on the name of one of these (or other) and pattern.

    I am 30 and a mom of 2, but out of the diaper phase so this will be strictly my bag. I am also a stay at home mom. In LV I have the BH mono, speedy 30 mono and damier bucket.

  2. My suggestion is Galliera pm or hampstead because both of them in damier and you haven't own any of these. Or would you like to splurge more money on Trevi?Trevi have a great reputation here lol!
  3. Mono galliera pm...

    I am pretty sure that once they have make all the extra $$$ on the special order damier galliera's it will become permanent. So get the mono now and then wait for the damier.
  4. Amongst your choices, Galliera PM gets my vote. It's chic and functional. My latest favourite is the vernis alma PM (I got the amarante!!), but that's mainly because I've got bags in mono, damier, epi and multicolore and was VERY keen to venture into the vernis line. Get what suits your lifestyle and needs best.
  5. galliera pm. You've been lusting over this bag forever, it's your HG and it's finally within reach... so go get it already!

    JMHO, thames gm seems too "mature" and if I recall you're petite so tivoli GM is too friggin" huge and the rolled handles are uncomfortable. BTW, I'm 33 and a mother of 2 who doesn't need a diaper bag anymore either so the galliera would be perfect!
  6. Mono Galliera PM
  7. Galliera pm
  8. I say Thames gm :yes:

  9. You are right I have. I am just worried about the metal rings turning the bag black. The SA says it is fixed, but metal will oxidize no matter what. That is my hold up on the galliera. I am 5'7" and not super petite, but thanks for always remembering me.
  10. I like the Hampstead MM in Damier and second choice is Galliera PM.
  11. Out of the ones that you picked, I would say get the Galliera. But, I have to recommend the Artsy. It's gotta be my favorite bag EVER! Plus, the pockets on the inside make it SO easy to find stuff/get stuff out of your purse.
  12. I adore the Galliera PM in Monogram and Azur so this would be my pick. GEE, its easy when you are helping someone else to pick (lol) Best of luck! I know I need it right now, Tee Hee
  13. Mono Galliera PM or Damier Hampstead MM... good luck Lindsey! :yes:
  14. damier galliera or mono monty

  15. Thanks Amanda