Just Daydreaming

  1. I just saw a particular icky scene from "Hellraiser" and since I'm about to sleep, I'm trying to take my mind off that scene. and what better way to do it than to think and "plan" about Hermes, right?:P

    So here's the scenario ... I want to get an ostrich and porosus croc sellier Kelly in the future and I've always thought I wanted them both in sellier 28cm, but now I'm wondering if it'd be better to have one fo them in 32cm ...

    Do you think I should go with one 32cm sellier and the other as 28cm sellier? If so, which leather for which size and why?:flowers:
  2. I'd like them both in 28cm. :flowers:
  3. I'd get the first available....so I can move on....;)
  4. I like 28cm sellier the best
  5. I'd get the croc in 28 in a dark color because it would be more of an evening bag, and the ostrich in something lighter, and perhaps in 32 cm, because it would be more of a day bag.
  6. I would do the 28cm sellier...
  7. Depends how you plan to use it I think...

    28cm sellier, croc, is smart, dressy and there is a limitation in how much you can put inside. All time classic.
    32cm croc matte, souple is fab, very light (since the lining is in fabric) definitely funky, classy and can be used daily.

    If wanted to get a croc, I would get something I can use all the time... I would make the most of my money so the more I use it the better it is (usage per wear would be lowered)!

    Talking of croc, I walked pass a grey market shop the other day... and for the first time, I saw a champagn/very light pink matte croc 30cm birkin.. pretty cool! Must be something new! Thought matt croc only came in brown, grey, black and rouge H.
  8. Wow, Barbs......I never knew the 32cm Matte Croc is lined in fabric! Why? (Probably a dumb question but....)
  9. ^^^^Sometimes, D, not always and not every bag. Do you remember the rouge H matte croc we saw together? That was lined in chevre.
  10. Hi Shopmom, yes it is (for those that I have seen)... I think it is because aesthetically it is suppose to look supple/soft (hence the name souple)... the matte croc tanning/process/finishing is a lot softer and different from the shiny croc and if they lined it in leather, it defeats the softer look and feel to the bag.**Having said that, I :heart: it since it is a LOT lighter and looks so funky (in size 32cm).
  11. Aaaah....Ok....I do remember that bag, HG. Thanks HG and Barbs for explaining....all makes sense to me now!!!!
  12. I have only seen this for Kellys 32cm.. not sure what linning is used for Birkins matte crocs