Just day dreaming abt another LV...


i want...!
Jan 19, 2006
What do yall think abt the Ellipse Moyen Modèle? A friend of mine has one but never uses it. I was wondering if she would sell it to me for cheap if I would want it... I haven't really seen it so I don't know.. The shape is rather unusual...
I had one and sold it to a friend. I liked it at the time b/c everyone kept commenting on the shape. A few of my friends didn't like it at first but once they saw it again, it started to grow on them.
That's so funny b/c I've been thinking about the Ellipse lately too. I don't know if I would buy it brand new, but I would definitely buy a used one. With an even, honey colored patina...(is that too much to ask for?):nuts:
I have that one and love it. As far as pockets, there's one patch pocket on the inside and I keep my cell and a couple pens in it. The thing I love is that for being a smaller bag, it actually fits my Porte Tresor wallet. My mom has the huge shoulder bag style that was discontinued awhile ago but it's too big for me hehe.
I got that bag (Moyen Modele) when my mom and I went to the opening of the Fashion Valley store down here. :heart:
The Ellipse definitly has an original shape, but is not my favorite mono, mostly because I think it is one of the most faked bags I've seen. I do love the discontinued tote one after I saw one on ebay!
I have one! It was my first LV and I love it. It fits a lot of stuff and it's not an oversized bag. I can fit my French wallet, a bottle of water, cell phone, ipod, lipgloss, some flashcards, keys and a bit to spare. I love that the shape is unique and looks like a clam shell. If you can get it for cheap then I say go for it!
I Bought Mine, A While Back.....I Love It, It's Still A Favorite.....I LOVED That Larger Tote (I Went Back & Forth Betwen The Two). Now, I Wish I Purchased Both.
i think the mini cles sized ones are ADORABLE. my sister thought about those before getting the Manhattan PM cuz of the unique shape.. but passed cuz there are no organizing pockets.. which for pockets had considered a trouville too but that was too common shaped.