Just Curse 2 Know.........

  1. I was just sitting here on my computer desk thinking:confused1: apart from all the beautiful:yes: , expensive:yes: (but worth it :yes:) Gucci bags we spend are money on if any of you TPF spend it on not only Gucci bags and purses (English thing;)) but on other Gucci items such as clothes, jewellery etc

    So if you do enlighten me and all of us here what other beautiful items your money has being spent on

    Please if you can include pictures

  2. Gucci pump
  3. HMM shoes, wallets and earings and soon to be a neckace. The earings I have are in the cruise collection , they are siver logo danging,very cute. I love the shoes as well.
  4. I love Gucci shoes and accessories. I'm obsessed with Black mono, so i have the small wallet, keychain holder, business card holder, pouchette, and large tote. I have i think pairs of gucci pumps (they're soo comfortable) and i really want to buy matching watches for me and my BF, but i need to save up another $3000 : (
  5. i love their accesoriessssssssss!

    I have a couple pairs of their heels
    a few braclets (charm, 18kt icon and a few that i cant remember now), the stardust diamond earrings, coin purse, wallets, two planners (small leather and large mono) mmmm scarves uhhhh uhhhh man what else do i have perfumes and mmm cell phone lan yard

    haha is there anything else gucci makes that i dont have yet...cept clothes haha i dont do gucci clothes, but i prob will when im older (im 23 hehe)
  6. ohhhh watches!! i have the bamboo one, a gold bracelt looking one and a silver one :smile:
  7. I have a pair of Gucci shoes and I had Gucci Sunglasses.
  8. i love their accessories! i have black flora bamboo flats, black gg princy slides, and black capri t strap sandals, a silver bamboo ring with stone, a watch, a gold gg ring, and 2 wool scarfs.
  9. Three pairs of Gucci sunnies and at least four pairs of Gucci shoes. I'm sure there's more, but I lose track!