Just curious..

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  1. The other day I was walking through the mall on my lunch break and something caught my eye. First, let me start off by Louis Vuitton never disappoints when it comes to their window displays, am I correct? Well, while I was browsing, I noticed a new display had gone up! It seems to me as if it is the solar system. It's completely "out of this world!" So my question for you Louis Lovers is, do you know what it's about?! If you have any information about this extravagant new display, I would love for you to share the deets! Can't wait to hear back.


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  2. About this time every year LV puts out attention-getting displays, almost to create a theme, such as the panda for the Murakami multicolour line and LE (panda, cherry blossoms, cherries, etc.) and the dots display for Kusama's pieces. Other times, as with the dinosaurs and the animals constructed from LV bags and SLGs, it just seems to celebrate the brand as a whole - I'm thinking that this time the theme might just be doing that.