Just curious


In LVoe.
Dec 27, 2006
I was thinking about buying something from the catalog from the 866 number. If I were to get it and want to return it, could I just go to a Louis Vuitton store, or would I have to mail it back? Also, if you order from another store and want to return it, can you return it to just any store? I'm just talking about within the Continental U.S. Thanks so much!
I'm pretty sure you can take it to any store as long as you keep the receipt. I've had things sent from other stores before and they always include the receipt from the respective store :yes:
I know for sure that you can buy from an LV store and then return merchandise to a different LV store as long as you have the receipt. (I just did this earlier this week.) I don't know about the 866 number, but you should just call them an ask the question.
I was thinking about just going ahead and purchasing the cosmetic pouch from the 866 number, but now I think I might just hold off on all my LV purchases until I go to France. Isn't it a whole lot cheaper? I'm going with my school in the last week of May/first week of June. We're going to Italy and France; hopefully I can convince my teacher into taking us into LV just for 30 min so I can pick up the cosmetic pouch, Keepall 50, and a checkbook/wallet.
when u order from the 866 number, ask them if they can ship it from a store like yours...

for example, when i bought my black inclusion, i had them order it from Saks in NY so if I needed to return it, I could at my Saks here, since we have no boutique.