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  1. I love all the beautiful bags you share, but I have one question, all of the bags look like they have never been used. The leather always looks white. I have several lv bags and used them different times throughout the year. Although they are all in great condtion, they do look used. Do you girls use your lv bags daily or just on special occasions? just curious. I am dying to learn how you keep them looking so new!:drool:
  2. I think sometimes when we post pics the bags are brand spanking new...which is why they look so virgin!
    For me it depends on the day, the weather,m what I'm wearing, etc. Sometimes I carry the same bag for a week and then it goes in the closet for a month. Other bags only get carried maybe once in a month....and sadly, some have never been used. I find it's my LE bags that get used the least....they're so fun that I just gotta be in the mood for them!
  3. I know this is probably a silly question, but what are LE bags?
  4. Limited Edition
  5. oops sorry 'bout that...LE = limited edition...such as cerises, cherry blossom, groom, graffiti, etc.
  6. My mom hs been using my Speedy for the last two weeks so I know its not just a special occassion bag..

  7. Rotate them! I don't use one bag for more than a couple days, some bags I have hardly used and I have been having them for months, even years. A lot of the bags sit and are protected from sunlight so, the patina takes longer to develop.
  8. I do use my bags but only when I go the city. I live in a one horse town and can't see the point in taking my lovely LV to the local petrol station which is about the extent of the shops.:yucky:
  9. My bags look new in all my pics because they are new. I post pics as soon as I get them from the store. :smile: Plus, I just joined this subforum a couple months ago and purchased all my LV within the last month so my bags haven't had time to patina yet.
  10. I use my bags on a daily basis. I do rotate the bags every other week.
  11. I am very careful with my bags. I rotate them pretty much every day so they stay nice.
  12. I rotate my bags unless I have just bought one. Then I use it for a few weeks until I remember how great my other bags are.
  13. :yes:
  14. I've been battling with the LE term myself! I still don't know what PHH means...

    I asked my co-worker (another LV addict but on another forum) and she suggested it might mean "Poor H0rney Husband", :lol:

    It's totally stupid but it certainly did make me laugh at that instant!

    Correct me, someone, anyone, please! What does PHH mean?
  15. I use my LVs more than any other bags cause at the price I paid for it, I better use them! Hehe.