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  1. (pic borrowed from a Sandiaexchange auction)

    When did Hermes stop putting the H in a circle (the logo) on the zipper pull? If you see one on the zipper pull does it mean its vintage?
    Right now, my Birkin only has "Hermes" written on my zipper pull hardware on both sides. Are all the new ones like this? just trying to learn some history and couldn't find in the reference area.


  2. still curious :smile:
  3. Croissant, they started to phase them out in 2001-2002. I have a Birkin from 2001 that has they new zipper pull, but interestingly enough, someone posted a Kelly from 2002 that still had the old zipper pull. I assumed that one squeaked through.
  4. thanks, HG you are really knowledgable :smile:
    so to clarify: all new Birkins and Kelly's have this type of zipper since 2001/2002

    and prior to that they had the H logo in a circle, correct?

    (again, sorry im borrowing someone's auction photo that actually has a pic of the zipper pull)
    i think this is a good thread for reference for anyone wanting to know details about older versus newer Birkins. :yes:
  5. are you sure you are "just" curious - LOL
  6. That's right. Actually Croissant, if you go to the Hermes reference section and go to the thread titled "Hermes throughout the ages" I went ahead and posted a few hallmarks of vintage Hermes pieces. I don't have exact dates for when things started to appear, but they are in the general vicinity.
  7. LOL you are TOO good Liz. Where do you live/ We should go out for coffee and you can just make fun of me to my face! :roflmfao:

    i really am serious though because thats another element to becoming an expert at authentication (or at least as good as i can be) because it definetely helps to know the little nuances of the past versus the future. imagine a counterfitter listed a "brand new j stamp Birkin" with the OLD zipper. (probably because they didn't know better or saw pics of zippers and found that old one) wouldn't that be fishy? yes, yes, once again im passing my own test, but its good to know for the future as well! :P
  8. oh! and i looked in the reference section but didnt see this thread. maybe a mod could move this thread over there? i want it to be somewhere any passerby cant easily see because i guess this thread is a little "revealing" for lack of a better word. also, thank you again so much hg!!:flowers:
  9. Sorry I couldn't resist....but you are absolutely right to be studying all of this - It's fun to learn the little details that make Hermes Hermes...and HG knows it all!
  10. Yes, that would be awfully fishy. But unlikely. HG will know what I mean. We recently had a brief PM exchange about fakers and and they are a real pain in the butt. It's best that you buy your H bags from Hermes, and if you have to go to a reseller, hopefully it's something that's rare and hardly available at the H stores. And best that you post pictures for experts to evaluate. Don't leap into any purchase without consulting.

    PS: Your Birkin is genuine.
  11. hg i found the thread and it was completely helpful. thank you!

    liz- you're too smart for your own good

    mrssparkles- thank you for that added validation there at the end :smile: i really ever only want to purchase directly from Hermes but will totally consider jamie again for future purchases of bags if thats the way it has to be done. it was really a perfect transaction other than my own paranoia.
    and don't worry- i would never make an H move online without asking for everyones expert advice!! :smile: