Just curious...

  1. Does anyone have any idea why certain LVMH brands go on sale (like Fendi and Marc Jacobs), but Louis Vuitton never does? While of course I would love LV to go on sale so that I could buy more bags, there is something kind of nice about having that exclusivity (and knowing that if I buy a bag tomorrow, it won't be on clearance next month...).

    Just wondering!
  2. Different business models most likely ?
  3. I like it that LV never goes on sale. It makes it unique. I would hate to pay money for a bag, and then have it heavily discounted a few weeks later.
  4. That's my personal beef with Coach.. which is why going to the stores is just for window shopping, and the real action takes place at the outlet ! ;)
  5. My theory is that Fendi, MJ, and other brands are almost entirely 'seasonal' now. There is very little that they have in a classic collection. LV has a set classic collection, give or take a few pieces each year. I think they are able to sell almost everything since they don't make a TON of the LE items.
  6. I'm glad that they don't go on sale.
  7. Some of the comments above are possibly true. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that those brands are "seasonal." I think it's also probably due to "branding" and maintaining LV's image. That's why you'll never see other designers like Chanel, and Hermes having sales because it may decrease it's value as a company.
  8. if every brand doesn't go on sale - then only those with SO SO SO much extra $ can afford designer so sales on some labels make them easier to access for some, and remain exclusive for others by never going on sale.
  9. I am also glad LV doesn't go on sale. While I love sales, it's definitely nice to know that I can pay full price, get the exact style and color I want and it won't go on sale. If LV did go on sale, I'd always wait for the sale and with my luck, what I want would be sold out!
  10. Chanel and Hermes both have sales ? There's even a Chanel outlet.
  11. Most LV lovers prefer to buy them at full prices than on sale that just bcos they are willing to pay (even higher) for wonderful bags and great services...LV is more than stuff...LV is image and value!
  12. That is one of my favorite things about LV. I loooove that it never goes on sale. Call it snotty, but I love knowing that if I spend $$$$ on a bag, the next month some chick isn't going to be walking down the street with MY same bag, but she was able to get it on *sale*.

    Yikes!! That sounds really stuck up:sad: But it is true....:smile:
  13. I am soo glad that Louis don't go on sale!! I agree with the other people it makes it unique! Maybe the others are seasonal, and that's why they go on sale.
  14. Ya, I agree with Ayla, Chanel and Hermes DO GO ON SALE! For Chanel it's all their seasonal stuff and for Hermes...well I'm not sure, but I know their accessories do (of course, probably not the birkin or kelly, but you know, less trendy stuff).
    I personally love the fact that Louis Vuitton never goes on sale. If I wanted to get something cheap fast, I'd go to Walmart! Duhhh!:P
  15. Totally agree..! :yes: :shame: