Just curious!!

  1. Howcome some of the crocodile birkin/Kelly has a matching crocodile locks and some has the normal palladium/gold locks without the crocodile "jacket"??:flowers:
  2. Is this possible?? :wtf: no one knows the answer!
  3. the funny thing is i have never ever seen a bag without the lock cover.
    as far as i know all the croc ostrich and white bags come with the covered lock originally unless they have the diamond covere lock or an replacement lock
    may i aks where have you seen an uncovered lock maybe the person just put a lock from her other bags on it?
  4. I agree with Lilach on this one...the owner probably put a different lock on it or if it was a custome order perhaps they requested it to be that way.
  5. ^^ That makes sense.. thanks ladies for the inputs :smile:
  6. 2nd lilach & kellybag, the original locks are supposed to be covered w/ the respective exotic skin.
  7. You have the option of having either with a special order.
  8. I have seen locks like this on croc bags. Sometimes either someone loses the lock and get's it replaced with a reg lock or it's ordered that way.
  9. then i stand corrected. my apologies, ladies. all the locks that i've seen (at the boutique) were covered w/ matching skins. i was not privy to the CO option.
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