Just curious...

  1. Ok, 2 questions:

    Was anyone at an LV Boutique this weekend or yesterday? If so, do you think that they were busier than usual to beat the price increase?

    Also, what did everyone do last night when TPF was down!? I watched TV with DH and went to sleep!
  2. I'm going to the boutique in a few hours. I was actually wondering if I should head down earlier since its the last day, and I assume it will be busy. Last night I watched some TV spoke to my BF and went to sleep.
  3. watch TV last night, usually do that and the forum. Yes, think stores where busier with ladies purchasing to beat the price increase and think store stocks were extremely low
  4. I was at an LV store on Sunday, and it was PACKED! One woman was looking at wallets but didn't get anything, another was looking at Suhalis - she may have gone with the Fab - and a third was looking at lots of different Epis. She asked my opinion and I was trying to steer her toward the white bowling montaigne. That's a great bag! There were lots of other people in there, but that was the extent of my snooping :smile:

    There were also probably 20 bags on the shelves behind the register that looked like they were holds.

    I looked at the Suhali Lockit, but wasn't ready to buy anything. Thank goodness the increase doesn't look too too steep this time.
  5. I was in a Florida boutique last night around 8.00 p.m and i was the only one in there.
  6. I was in on Sunday and it was dead.
  7. I watched TV yesterday. I normally have it on when I am online anyway.

    The boutique I go to on the weekends is always busy, so not sure if it was because of the price increase. I really doubt most of the shoppers there care about the increase.
  8. I was in the Century City one out here in LA on Sunday, and it was completely dead. i was the only one (and maybe even the first one) there! there was a bunch of stuff there out on display at the time like the Rayeur (absolutely a beautiful bag! :love:)in both sizes i believe? there was a shearling storm was out and about too. so many goodies, but no one around. the SAs all looked like they were in the process of changing the price tags on everything :shrugs:.

    i watched tv and checked tPF just about every hour :push::shame: lols. i missed you guys!
  9. I was dying that the PF went down. I ended up playing wii with DH. KO'd him out 2x in boxing! YAHOO!:boxing:
  10. I went to five LVs on Saturday in Las Vegas, and in most of them the SAs were busy retagging verything for the price increase. the only store that was really packed was the one in the Caesar's Forum. the other ones (epecially the ones in Neiman's or in Saks) were not as busy.
  11. I went to the boutique at Caesar's Pier in Atlantic City on Friday night. There was one person there before me. I waited about 5 minutes for the SA to finish helping her before she got to me. I checked out wallets for about half an hour (got a black MC Zippy :heart:) and I don't think anyone else came in during that time. It was eerily quiet.......
  12. I was in a store and it was dead! There were 2 SAs on the floor and a manager just walking around with nobody to help but me! There were long sheets of paper with new price tags on them just waiting to be placed on all the bags, total bummer! I guess most people are not aware of the increase.
  13. I went to the LV store at Saks in Beverly Hills Sunday and the store was pretty empty. I was checking out the MC line. I asked the SA re the price increase and she was surprised that I know about it and would like to know how I found out. I told her that I have connections lol! I usually check out TPF at night while watching TV...I was bummed that it wasn't working.
  14. Y'know, you're right-just cause we all knew about the increase, I forgot about all the other people who don't have the connections we do! lol. Its good to see that everyone sits with the TV on while checking out tpf-I really missed it last nite!
  15. i was in the boutique earlier since i called my sa to check if they got any neverfulls in, she reminded me to get them today since the increase will be tomorrow, or she could charge me now and pick it up tomorrow... i went in today and i was the only one in the store.