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  1. After reading so many different posts about treatment received by PF members when they shop in Hermes, I really wonder about a few things.

    Do you ladies think that you get better service if you walk into the store with just ANY Hermes bag, or is it better when you are carrying a birkin?

    Or is it just in how you carry yourself when you walk into the store?
  2. For years, I only had a Trim and never received anything but great service. I think it's more how you carry yourself, product knowledge and the particular sales crew.
  3. That's great. I think this topic just piqued my interest because of Joanna's report on her Las Vegas Hermes experience as opposed to the one by Baggaholic. I wondered if SA's felt you would spend more money if you were carrying a certain bag and thus would be more inclined to taking time with you.

    I agree with what you said about having knowledge about the products. I guess they get tired of people coming in only wanting to buy birkins because they are so popular and not really knowing anything else about Hermes or what other things Hermes has to offer.
  4. I think it's just how you carry yourself and the sales crew at a particular store.

    When I went to H at Sloane St. in London where I was disappointed with the service, my friend was actually carrying her white Birkin and that's the one we were looking for a pochette for. I was carrying my ostrich Bolide. Even then, not a smiley SA in sight (except for one lady SA).

    So far, it's only this particular store in London that I was not fund of. The other H stores I visited were superb and friendly Birkin on hand or not.
  5. I don't have any H bags, but I am always wearing my enamel bracelet and usually a scarf in my hair. The SA's in SF are always really nice and they always do comment on either the bracelet or the scarf so I guess they do recognize such things? I always get better service if DH is with me. I don't know why that is but it always seems to be the case.:shame:
  6. I haven't had any problems with service, but I'm not shy I'll just ask for whatever I want when I'm in a store. I don't have a Hermes bag and really I've just been looking at scarves/bracelets, but they never seem to have the one I want. I mean not to be a brat, but they're there to help you, just ask for it.
  7. I don't own anything Hermes, YET, and waltzed into the Hermes boutique in Beverly Hills wearing citizens jeans, a white t-shirt, my balenciaga ink city, and trendy sandals. I walked in with a smile, and carried myself confidently, and got EXCELLENT service. The SAs were very friendly, and were actually apologetic that I had just missed a birkin by a matter of minutes. Could they have had a birkin in the back of the store and not ahve told me- sure its possible, but they seemed to be very up front, and one of teh SAs even complimented my balencaiga. You just never know.
  8. the one time i was in there actually looking at bags - at the time i wanted to see a plume - i had my hermes bag with me (not a birkin), and i think the SA who came over definitely recognized my bag, and was extremely helpful BUT when i didn't buy anything, she did seem annoyed, and when i've gone in since, she has ignored me - thankfully there are other SAs who are more professional. dh bought my bag, and as far as i know, he got immediate and very polite service.

    OT crochetbella, how do you wear the scarf in your hair? just looking for idea. thanks.
  9. jag, you were wearing the L.A. uniform. that's the equivalent of a chanel suit in ny. :biggrin:
  10. LOL! :roflmfao: Go figure!
  11. I almost always carry an Hermes bag when I visit an Hermes shop but I have noticed that I get even better service when I'm carrying a bag other than a Birkin! Maybe it's just in my head but I've felt "luckier" when carrying a Bolide, Plume, Kelly, Evelyne, or Trim.
  12. I have never had any problems in ANY luxury stores before the Las Vegas Hermes. Granted I've only been to the Hermes store 7 times total (Twice in Boston, 4 times in VA, and once in Vegas) I can't really give a general idea of what to expect,

    I honestly don't think which bag you carry into Hermes determine the service you'll receive. In fact the Las Vegas store was the only time I carried my Kelly bag into an Hermes store.

    I think age also is a factor. As we discussed, Hermes is geared more towards the women in their achieved and successful years, not in their young/mid twenties starting out age. Although not always, but for many cultured, educated, fashionable women: with age comes innate confidence and grace that you simply lack in your crazy partying days.

    Yes, I'm 26, I look very young for my age, I was carded everywhere in Vegas.
    But even if the Asian SA treated me in such a way because I looked too young for Hermes and she thought I couldn't afford anything there, it still doesn't justify her actions. It only lowers Hermes' image of higher standards, which many cherish. LOL. perhaps that's why I decieded to act exaactly immature/childish and took out my camera knowing I can't take pictures.

    I can give you a recap of what I was wearing that day: gold Jimmy choo slides, a white short sleeves tennis dress from Theory, my 28cm orange kelly.
    My husband was wearing a white short sleeves Versace button shirt and khaki pants
    Nothing fancy, we were just clean casually dressed..

    I don't think much by it anymore..... although I sounded emotional in my post :P :P :P Perhaps the SA just didn't feel like Selling anything at that moment. Maybe they were hugry and wanted to go to lunch.
  13. i was always and ever served very very well not matter what i wear. i have only positive thigs to say about hermes staff so far. i even once went into a store where i have never been before in my trainingsclothes ( just came from the workout and was about to leave the town in a couple of hours but then passed by the hermes store and just had to get in ;) ) and even with no make up and really realyy in a bad overall condition i did get flawless service. i think that with hermès it is different than with the "trendier" shops like gucci etc hermès is still considered "old money"with e special clientelé and so they are trained not to judge a book by its cover ;)
  14. I have never been treated shabbily in any Hermes boutique. Even in Paris, during the busiest shopping times, I have always treated respectfully and received prompt and courteous service. Now that I have said this though my New York visit this weekend will probably be bad.
  15. I feel based on all my visits spanning over too many years to mention...it depends on the SA and the type of person she/he is. I just can't say that it matters what you wear, what bag you carry, and how you carry yourself. None of that can hurt.... I never thought I fell short on any of those aspects...when I tried looking back I would shoot myself down and think I did something wrong, but to really be honest... I feel it really comes down to the SA and the person that he/she is.

    Some are really wonderful and have superior personalities and sales experience. They can read customers quite well and handle themselves wonderfully. Then, some have attitude and superiority complexes...then you just have duds. We all are different ourselves...why should it be any different with the SA's. My little angel told me...they are only human just like us!!!!

    The only thing that really bothers me is the SA's should never judge someone as if they don't feel they can afford something. While I was single I bought big ticket items that made some SA's heads spin. I could afford it and I did. Never, never prejudge!!!

    ****Good Luck Dianagrace****