Just curious...

  1. Do you girls only buy Coach or do you venture into other
    designer handbags?
  2. I only buy Coach. I love their styles and they are more affordable for me than other designers. Dooney runs right there with Coach in price but I dont care for Dooneys styles.

    Edited to add: I do have a couple Prada bags and a Fendi but those were the exception.
  3. Me too! I really love Coach and nothing else stands out to me.
  4. Right now, I seem to be buying only Coach. I have ventured to other designers, such as Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs, but Coach's styles appeal to me more than anything else.
  5. I have purchased Cole Haan, Hayden Harnett, Anna Corinna and various other designers in this price range. I keep coming back to Coach. I have a Cynthia Rowley bag on the way now but I am skeptical only because I know my track record so far! I'm not opposed to other brands, I just haven't found anything in my price range that I'm happy with outside of Coach.
  6. I was completely into LV for a long time and had a few Coach, but over a bit of time and loving coach more and more its all I use now.
  7. When I was really into Coach, I bought mostly Coach and didn't really bother to look at other designers.. Now, I'm more versatile in the designers I buy.
  8. I've had Dooney in the past and plan to venture off to others in the future, but Coach is my current love.
  9. I used to just be into Dooney & Coach but I have since dropped Dooney, they really don't have stuff that appeals to me. But I do have to say that I also like LV and Gucci - I have one of each.
  10. i only buy coach. i have 2 dooney accessories that i love, but i don't really have interest in anything else.
  11. I have 1 Kate Spade, 2 Kenneth Cole, 8 Dooney's, 2 Perlina, and 17 Coach. One day I'd like a Louis (not many of their styles appeal to me) and a Fendi Spy. Some Marc Jacobs appeal to me, but not enough to spend $1000 and they are usually very heavy. Not into Chanel at all.
  12. I buy mostly Coach and LV and currently, I am mostly trying to pick up the classic pieces that I want in LV currently, but I really like the chocolate carly and since I need a new wallet, I'll pick up a Coach one most likely (usually only buy Coach accessories). Otherwise, I have some D&B, some Kate Spade, and a bunch of no name stuff, but currently no designers (other than LV and Coach) are calling to me.
  13. I am pretty much stuck on Coach for now. I have 1 Kate Spade baby bag (but I don't need to carry a diaper bag anymore....it's the bag that started the obsession) and one Dooney bag.
  14. Most of my handbags are Coach, but lately I've been trying to expand my collection to include LV, Fendi and Gucci.
  15. I have a little of a lot of designers, but if I count bags, accessories and shoes together, Coach is leading in the collection.