Just Curious...

  1. Have you ever seen a bag on tPF as part of someones collection that is fake?? Do you bite your tongue? Have you told them? Did you PM them?
  2. Iv'e always wondered this myself, aren't all collections reviewed before being posted?
  3. Are you talking about the Bag Showcase?
    There's only a couple of us that can approve those and I think it's usually me.
    As you can imagine, I am no expert of all brands so it's VERY possible someone could post a fake.

    Our policy is for members to PM one of us and let us know and it would also help to point out why/how the bag is fake.
    We prefer members not post publicly about it, ever.

  4. I did not mean to offend anyone, I can just imagine how hard it is to spot fakes as some of them are pretty close too the real ones. it's just sad that people feel the need to post fakes at all!
  5. I agree and it's good to know what the policy is...I would not call someone out publicly...just wondered if members had seen this before.
  6. I'm not offended, just pointing out those little facts for people that may not know.

    Yes, unfortunately, people have publicly pointed it out and as you can imagine, it doesn't go very well.
    Sometimes people have NO idea their bag isn't authentic, so people wind up w/ hurt feelings and embarrassed.
  7. I would think that most people would put something up unknowingly. I would hate to find out that something I cherished was a fake.
  8. Actually, I've seen one very recently. However, I would NEVER call the member on it (even in a PM). It's just not my place. I would assume that she is not aware that it's fake.
  9. I really can't imagine that a true PF'er would post a bag that was fake for all the experts out here to see, unless she was completely and totally unaware of it. And, I would never call her out on it for that reason.
  10. I would only PM the person if I was 100% sure the bag was a fake. If it were me I would definitely want to know. I would never do it publicly.
  11. I'd want to know!!!!! Katsbag what brand was the fake ? Just curious.
  12. ya uh, i'd want someone to tell me lol... i'd be pissed! i'd never post a fake knowingly, and i only purchase from reputable sellers that i know well enough to trust (and there's only one) or directly from outlets, factory stores or boutiques, so i worry less, but i'd still want to know if someone was concerned in that matter. i'd be SO embarassed.
  13. Personally I would want to know if something I posted is a fake...but would prefer to be PM'd about it instead of called out publicly :yes:
  14. That's why I stick with Boutiques...I know it costs more but at least I know what I'm getting. I purchased a "vintage bag" (interpret: old and nasty) bag on eBay about 4 years ago...it was my first and last bag purchase on eBay.
  15. Pursegrl, I wouldn't go to feeling sad. Many people are given purses as gifts and are not purse experts. They don't know they have fakes. There are dozens of stories on this forum of perfectly wonderful people carrying fakes without knowing it. Indeed, Bluefly sold a bunch of people fake Balenciaga bags - how would the people know? Are you saying that you can identify authentic bags in every style and brand ever made? If so, that's impressive.

    Just don't assume that people feel the need to post fakes - they just don't know. Unless of course you have someone specific in mind and their pictures are all or mostly fakes - that would be a reason to feel sad. But even then, it's possible that some people just don't know. There are certain styles of bags that are readily faked and don't have clear ways of authenticating them.

    Oh - and I'd want to know, if I had a fake. Especially since I've bought only from Barney's and from other tPF members. Privately, of course.