Just Curious

  1. Anyone know the gold dentelle speedy is so hard to find? I read that many people like the sliver dentelle in the speedy best, however there seem to be plenty available but very limited in gold? Just curious
  2. in the ad campaign & the runway show it was always the gold that was shown I think people have had longer to get used to the gold (& maybe only knew about gold) & maybe only waitlisted for that. I don't think there is any less production of it it's just a more publicly know colour combo (JMO)
  3. My store has had both colors from what I've seen lately.
  4. I read on here the other day someone posted that their SA told them the silver and gold were both made in same quantities and had the same demand, but that the stores were shipped more silver than gold to begin with. More gold is to follow supposedly in later shipments. Seems dumb to do it that way but then again it creates demand frenzy.
  5. I'm not sure but I like silver better...even though some people seem to want whatever is more limited.
  6. My store has em.... They're either very unpopular in my area (as with all things lol) or not very limited
  7. I was in San Francisco this past weekend and I only saw Silver Speedies on display. No gold ones.
  8. They had a couple on display in the window here.
  9. they have both at the boutique today. plus some other dentelle stuff
  10. oh no.... this dentelle is GROWING on me.............

    the ludlow is WAAAAY TOO CUTE!!!!
  11. the dentelle is very feminine so lady like I wish I still could get the kirsten
  12. My store has them in gold. Only a few silver i think , I love the scarf :smile: I'm sure they thought i was weird i took a picture of the bags from outside :supacool: Lol.
  13. My boutique has both and a whole window display of dentelle products! Maybe they are not popular here ?