Just curious- why no Burberry in sub-forums?

  1. I'm just curious since it's one of my favorite brands.
  2. the brand is rarely mentioned, there's not much demand for a subforum
  3. Thats true! Its very popular and I see alot of people wearing it at the mall, but its just not for me. I could never get into it. Maybe its ecause I am not big on plaids???? Its a designer thing that I would never ever wear. I just dont like it at all.
  4. i love burberry. the jacquard plaid and my adidas clothes lol is great.
  5. i found this funky pouch type of bag in my closet and now i have a side pack no one else has.
  6. I quite like the plaid pattern. I have a couple of handbags and various clothing items. Some don't have the multi-color plaid that everyone is familiar with, they are a single color with an "embossed" pattern look. One of my golf shirts doesn't even have plaid at all, just a little "buberry" tag on the sleeve.
  7. i like the plaid too but there's so many other things i like *better*....burberry is waaaaay down on the list. although i do want the thin headband really really badly! but they don't make them anymore and i hate eBay. *sigh* and what i wouldn't do for a trench!! :love: only trench that's ever fit correctly....

    i don't see many posts about it around here. i'm sure that's why there's no subforum.
  8. I like Burberry but only their classic plaid with the horseman design, but there are other designers that I like even more. But Burberry will always have a place in my heart.
  9. I have one Burberry...that's all I wanted :smile:
  10. i only like their classic nova check designs but one Burberry bag is enough for me. :smile:
  11. I like Burberry for other accessories than bags, such as shawls or belts :smile:
  12. Me too ! :yes:
  13. yeah thats the plaid im talking about!! i dont like the plain nova check.
  14. I'm going to move this to the suggestion section... I think that is the right section for this- k? :yes:
  15. i think another reason we dont have one is because it doesnt change very much. It just changes sizes and styles right? Not patterns materials etc...
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