Just curious- who comes from a family of LVers?

  1. I've noticed that some of the people on this forum began appreciating LV at a young age, because close family members carried LV or even bought them their first bags. I personally didn't, which is kind of sad for me. :sad: My mom, dad and sisters don't care for luxury goods - only my brother and I appreciate the LVoe. (At least my mom loves diamonds though!) Some of my cousins have designer goods, but they didn't influence me. I think I got my love of handbags and designer items from my grandmother, but I don't think she ever owned an LV. Did you come from a family of LV lovers?
  2. My grandmother gave me her LV truck that she's had for ages!! My mom carries LV too. But my sister carries Coach! So LV has kinda been handed down to me!!
  3. Not me...in fact, when I told my mom I'm going to be buying a handbag for around $1000, she thought I was psychotic! Believe it or not, no one I know is into luxury items! And it's not that they can't afford it, it's just not their thing. Oh well, at least I don't have to race them to the stores to get new pieces!
  4. Nope, my mom, dad and older sister have never ever bought anything designer...I think the only designer piece my sister owns is a Gucci watch that my brother-in-law (back then boyfriend) bought for her for their first Christmas together.
  5. Not me- my mom buys tons of purses from Walmart- I'm getting her something for Christmas though!

    My sister in law loves Coach, I have a few friends that understand the LV obsession and Bbag obsession as well- but :shrugs: it's just me....
  6. my parents buy designer things for themselves, so i guess i grew up with that (self-proclaimed spoiled only daughter :shame:smile:. my mom loves designer handbags as much as i do; my dad buys only in small doses, but buys a lot more for my mom
  7. My Granny is more into Hermès and Chanel - and diamonds..
    Her daughter - my be:heart:d Mum - actually never could afford any luxury item on her own - and my Dad, even though he loved her dearly (they got divorced since then..) did not really care about luxury goods..
    So I got her firts LV with my first salary and she adores it!
    Yet, my family - except my Granny and Cousin - is not really into luxury brands and/or designers.. and probably would yell at me if they knew how much I spend on bags, shoes and accessories - actually they do know but don't really bother.. they just think I am a little insane :roflmfao:
    My SO is not really bothered either.. :p as far as I am happy, he is happy too :nuts:
  8. I am.

    I think its a stereotype that Asians find a constant need for designer item. However, it does ring true in my family.

    My whole family from my moms side, my aunts, cousins, grandmom all carry designer goods. My aunt loves her Birkins, Chanel, Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada. While my mom is obessed with Vuitton and Hermes. My cousins are LV and Gucci fanatics (they live in Taiwan). My brother and all my uncles use Hermes watches and Vuitton wallets.

    Myself, Im a bit of every brand.

    So, yes Im from a family of LVers.

  9. Pfffft, I wish I was....no one in my family likes Louis Vuitton. My Dad carries a Louis Vuitton wallet, and my Mom has one too, but no one is obssessed like I am. My friends aren't very intersted either, I'm in a boat all by myself.
  10. Not really. My mom is the only one who uses designer bags,she started when my dad bought her the Speedy before I was in kindergarten. My aunt used to have a Speedy back then but she claims now that she never had any LV though we have pics of both her and her mom with them. :confused1:
    As for my dad, he has a couple of wallets but isn't much into designers.
    My mom got me into designer stuff when I was a senior in high school and like Sandra, it doesn't hurt that I'm the only daughter. :graucho:
  11. My parents have never purchased designer items.
  12. So lucky! It sounds like you are from a family of LVers! If my mom had gotten me into bags, I would definitely have tons more! It's nice that she doesn't question me though, I think because her mom was the same way. It's also great that you and your mom can share bags!
  14. Haha maybe, only my parents are the only ones who understand the whole LV thing though. My grandma and aunt and uncle have no idea why we need "so many expensive bags." Oh well.

    And at least your mom doesn't say anything about your own bags, you have a nice collection too! :yes:
  15. ^It's getting there! Someday, someday...