Just curious--what is the Charlotte SATC bag

  1. I saw mentioned in the getting to know you posts? I didn't see it turn up clearly in a search. Thanks? (still in the education process, you know:drool: )
  2. It's a crescent-like shaped caviar shoudler bag. Do a search for Charlotte, in the Chanel forum only.
  3. nevermind, I did it for you ;)
    Here's a pic of Luccibag:
  4. :girlsigh: i always loved this bag.
  5. I love this bag. =)
  6. Its called the "Charlotte" bag because Charlotte of SATC carried it into the NYC Chanel store in the last episode. Everyone ran out to look for it and referred to it as the "Charlotte" bag. (including myself) Even SA's know it as that name but its not the official name.
  7. Thank you! It is a great bag!