Just Curious...What first impressed you about Hermes?

  1. This was after you made your first purchase and thus induced you to come back to the store...

    For me it was the quality of leather & superb craftsmanship. My first purchase was a vert anis chevre bifold bearn (PH). LOL, I remember having heart palpations over the price... When I bought it, the SA told me that it would probably hold up a good 20 years or so.

    I was so impressed by this utilitarian piece of art that I came back to the store less than a month later and bought my first purse.

    Suffice it to say, it's literally been downhill ever since!:p

    Money well spent if you ask me...
  2. It was the beauty of the designs and quality of scarves.
  3. The simplicity of the clasps (think Dogon wallet clasp) and the feel of the leather. Hermes leathers are still is the most beautiful leathers I have ever touched. The utter simpleness is what drew me in.
  4. YES!! I've always loved having the best.....
  5. The store smell...there's something they pipe in I tell ya that leaves you needing to come back

    Seriously though...The customer service. If they treated me rudely, I would have never returned.
  6. Well, I'm new & the first thing to attract me were the styles of the purses (ahem, handbags) themselves. They are classic & won't go out of style. I love the ability to "personalize" your own bag by choosing leather, hardware, color, etc.
  7. The quality.
  8. The quality of the materials and the craftsmanship. Oh, and nothing like sticking your head inside a new Birkin and taking a deep whiff...sure beats doing that to a glass of wine in my opinion!
  9. I can't remember ever not wanting a Kelly bag! Pathetic isn't it.
  10. Oops--I posted & realize you'd asked this of ppl who had already made H purchases. Well, I did buy a twilly (a girl has to start somewhere). I am considering an H purchase at this time.
  11. everything.
  12. Just everything... the absolutely fabulous customer service, getting a Kelly on my first visit to the Alaskan store, the amazing craftsmanship, the smell... what's not to love!
  13. craftsmanship.
  14. My first H purchase was cufflinks for my DH and although the staff were dismissive and thoroughly rude, the quality of those links (he wears them nearly every day) was outstanding.

    So I went back.... just to a different store :p
  15. The smell of leather!:love: