Just curious...what are the most popular bbag colors of past seasons

  1. Just reading the forum, looks like everyone goes wild for the eggplant, ink....what others??
  2. I am not sure I would put ink there as the leather from s/s '06 is not as nice as past season leathers. I love the color but can't really get past the leather. I have an ink bag but am not really using it much.

    For some PFers (me included), leather matters more or as much as color. So they would they say anything from s/s '05 and back.

    In general though, I would say: turq '04 & '05, lilac '03 and '04, magenta, indigo, anis, seafoam, dolma, teal, '03 emerald, '04 marron. I am sure I am missing some more.
  3. 05 Apple Green, Turquoise, eggplant, and the ones chigirl said.
  4. I'm pretty new to Bbags, but it seems the colors that re only issued for one season are more valuable (i.e. although black is always very popular, it comes out every season).
  5. How about the bordeux --or was that after the "good leather"? thanks!
  6. From what I've seen - the 05 apple green, magenta, and turquoise are ridiculously in demand.

    Bordeaux is good leather - it's from 05 - but not in demand as much. I almost bought a bordeaux from Neiman Marcus when they were around - wish I had. *sigh*
  7. I like the bordeaux too. The thing with bordeaux is that some of them were made with the smooshy matte leather and some are shiny and veiny. So it depends on the bag IMO. Also, grenat is somewhat similar.
  8. sadly, I have not of the above mentioned colors....:crybaby:
  9. What do you have? I have an 05 black - now the color is definitely not rare, but the leather is desirable - which makes me feel good. It's not all about the color, but the leather and hardwear as well :smile:
  10. I would have to add rose! There's one on ebay now too! See Achtung section.
  11. I finally figured out how to reduce file size so I am going to take pix of the collection and post later:smile:
  12. macp .... I'd like to mention: '03 red, caramel / '04 eggplant, anis, pistachio, seafoam / '05 teal, turquoise, apple green, turquoise ..... aso ;) :yes: :tender:
  13. oh yeah - totally 04, 05 Turq, magenta, indigo!!!!
  14. I think that the most popular colors are from the pre-05 collections before they switched to the new leathers... although pre-spring and summer 05 colors are popular due to their bright, fun colors, however their leather is still different from the earlier colors.
  15. i would say :
    from '04 : pistachio, eggplant, turqoise, anis, lilac, orange, seafoam (basically all form '04 :P)
    from '05 : berry red, magenta, indigo, apple green, turqoise