Just curious to know what you think about my situation

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  1. Long story short. I want a few more bags

    Problem? Well I dont travel lol so they will just SIT. Would it be stupid to buy them to just "have" them and to make me feel good and when a day comes I will have them to use? Or just have them to COLLECT?

    Or am I just wasting my Money.

    Right now I am looking at the Tobago Keepall in Blue (yes I know I returned the yellow one but the Blue has won me over) The Ivan, The Damier keepall 50 and maybe the Damier Geant Albatros... were talking THOUSANDS of dollars here but its not like I travel or go any where so I can use these, but I WANT them... its an addiction, we all have it, but its not like its a purse and im a girl where I could switch off a lot...
  2. I think you should do what makes you happy..if that means buying bags that u wont use then its all up to you! :smile: Good luck on your decision!
  3. I would get them now if you love them. You may do more traveling later & then you'll have them. The prices are only going up. The blue is a great color.
  4. Personally, if I were you, I'll get the blue Tobago keepall, since it's so obvious that you love it so much. :yes: You won't want to regret it later after it's discontinued, right?

    As for the rest of the purchases, I'll get other more "practical" bags that could be used daily, not only for traveling. Since you already have a few keepalls, when you really DO travel, you will have a hard time to pick which one to use. :sweatdrop: Get some daily use bags and accessories for your LV fix. :graucho:
  5. If I bought 3 more bags for example and when I do finally get to use one, I wouldnt know what one to pick lol!!! but I feel bad leaving them behind!
  6. Rather than buying several Keepalls which you yourself acknowledge would just "sit" in the closet, why not compromise and buy one Keepall (the one you like the most), and one other bag that you could get more regular daily usage out of (eg, the Ivan).
  7. are there other bags that you could use more often? do you really like the blue? you said- it 'won you over', not 'it was love at first sight'. collecting is great, but... when you do travel, will you want to buy a new bag for the trip, anyway? sorry- not much help!
  8. you should go with what your heart desires and get them all! maybe you will think of other uses for them if not for traveling such as gym bag
  9. I know all a lot of collectors who have a "thing" so to speak-for me it's Multicolore. Yah, I don't use all the pieces very often but it makes me happy to collect as many pieces as I can. Do what makes you happy, just as long as it doesn't bother you too much that certain pieces sit, I think it's okay.
  10. I don't know, I think you might regret buying them ALL especially if they're just going to sit and not get much use. My vote goes for the damier keepall....it's a classic that will never go out of style and you will get many years of use out of it. Good luck in your decision Matt! Make sure you post pics of your latest and greatest!!! :smile:
  11. I think if I was to live in a big city, I would be SET! and not care if I got all 3, I would use them i nthe city. I live in the stupid Suburbs, I hate it!

    Idk what to do.. lol
  12. haha i like how u say it "the stupid suburbs" .....

    well, dear matt, I think u should get what u want and use it anyway. I mean the point is to do whatever that makes u happy.... Take me for example, i live in bangkok where it's so hot and humid. my pretty bags turn patina in a blink of an eye (which i really hate) but i don't care, i use them anyways ---> cuz it makes me happy :smile:
  13. Matt...I think you should get them if you really want them and can do it financially...just don't get them all at once so you have the excitement of a new bag several times!

    I know what everyone means about just wanting to have stuff even if you don't use it! I have a huge high-end cosmetics collection and all I wear is mascara and clear lipgloss on a daily basis!!! Silly girl.
  14. i agree with others here..i think you should get 1 more keepall and buy another everyday bag! if you have 10 keepalls, you'd have to go on 5-10 trips (hence more money) to use all of them!

    i'd say get the damier one..i may be biased but what's the point of a keepall? a definite low-maintanence bag especially for traveling!
  15. Yes, as long as your financially stable.. you should just buy your heart out. LOL. Some people collect LV, some buy them to wear. I guess everyone is different. :biggrin:

    Good luck with your decision.